Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 54

Dunkin’ Donuts

I have an issue with Dunkin’ Donuts, and it is this: the commercial that runs on the radio states that “American runs on Dunkin'”.

This is, me thinks, fundamentally wrong. You cannot run/live on donuts, and for a country trying to shed pounds, declaring that you can is a little bit naughty.

I recently went into a Dunkin’ Donuts and simply asked for a green tea. Is that it? they asked. Yes please, just a green tea. They were horrified. Note to Dunkin’ Donuts – I do not need cream or sugar with a green tea.

Election stickers

I am a bit sad that I cannot vote today. I want a sticker saying “I voted”, but I can’t have one because I am not entitled to vote. Shame, because those stickers would co-ordinate beautifully with today’s outfit.

Speaking British, innit

I have been wondering if people don’t understand me at the moment, or if I am generally talking a bunch of tripe. The latter may be the case, but I think moreover that it is because they are a little taken aback when I spout forth in the Queen’s English. I have noticed that when I talk to Americans they seem to frown at me a lot.

Some people ask me to repeat things – is this because they don’t understand? Sometimes, they ask me to say it again and this is followed by the “I love your accent” thing. I guess it will never go away. I do like it 🙂


Today I have been thinking about Rich Tea biscuits, and how I would very much like one. They dunk so beautifully in a cuppa. Please can someone send me Rich Tea from the UK. Having rifled through Harry’s Halloween candy supply, I can declare that I do not like American candy or chocolate. Dairy Milk is also required.

Words have different meanings

There is a place called Jiffy Lube just off the highway, which makes me giggle. No where on earth, except a sex shop in Amsterdam, should be called Jiffy Lube. (For clarity, it is an oil change place.)

Also, would UK citizens trust a fertility treatment centre called Shady Grove? Shady = dogdy = who knows where the sperm / eggs have come from. I think about this every time I hear the commercial.

Over and out, bloggers of the WORLD!

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5 Responses to Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 54

  1. wordbones says:


    Love your blog. Your observations of life on the left side of the pond offer a refreshing perspective.

    I wonder if you have any opinions on the various ballot issues that we are dealing with (gambling, gay marriage, dream act, etc.). I realize you cannot vote but you’ve certainly been exposed to the messages and compared them, at some point, to similar processes in the uk.


  2. annierie says:

    Hi ukdesperate, loving your blog. We live out here by GCS where your son goes. I just no instead your blog for Beautiful Blogger award. Anyone who moves here and finds Boarman’s, Bowen’s and Crossroads, all in the same month deserves recognition.

    Cheers, Annie

  3. annierie says:

    Hmm, don’t know why nominated became no instead. Sometimes this iPad drives me nuts.

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