Well, good day to you dearest reader!

I’m your UK Desperate Housewife in the USA and this is my blog. It’s all about me, how I feel about moving to and living in the USA, and what life is like out here.

New York 180

It’s a little bit adventure, little bit stream of consciousness, little bit Bill Bryson.

I’m an ‘expat’ who is pretty much seizing every opportunity I can in this strange and wonderful country (whilst also being a mother, wife and rather rubbish housewife.)

I’ll be debunking myths and probably confirming some cliches that we Brits have about America and Americans. After all, what we know, or think we know, is generally from movies and TV series….. Throughout the blog I’ll share the things that amuse, confuse and bemuse me – and lots of stuff does!

Am I a dreamer….? Yes! Would I like to go on Good Morning America every Friday for an update on my week in the merry old Land of Big Macs? Yes! Would I like to write a column for the Washington Post / Marie Claire all about these adventures? Yes, yes please!

But right now, everything I see, feel and experience will be blogged about so I can share it with you. It’s a journey, and my eyes and mind are open for anything and everything. Particularly amusing and enlightening during the journey so far is the cultural comparison between the USA and the UK because, believe me, we Brits also have very curious traditions and quirky views on life too….!

I hope you feel inspired to leave some comments and join in the chat/chinwag about my blog. Tell me about places to go and see, ask me questions, and share your tales the USofA, or even the UK.

Happy reading, lovely peeps.


Three years later….

July 2015 – And so, my expat journey in the USA draws to a close. I will be signing off on this blog from July 2015 – Chapter 630 is my last. (not bad, hey?!) It’s been a joy and a burden, but it’s also been a dream fulfilled to write practically every day and with such passion for something. Thank you to all you readers, supporters, sharers of my posts, those who have written guest posts, and those who have invited me to write guest posts for them. It’s all this and interactions with these folk that I will miss greatly. I shall look back on these expat and blogging communities and my time as part of them with great fondness and affection.

My new blog is From America to England and it charts my bittersweet return to the UK. Please sign up to follow it! Rest assured, I will be sharing all sorts of tales from the Green and Pleasant Land. I’m not sure the transition is going to an easy one, and no doubt my life will seem topsy-turvy for a while, but I feel that my new-found passion for adventure stands me in good stead to bring on another rich and vibrant experience (I bloody well hope so!). No cynicism from this Brit!

I’ll see at the other blog! Cheers!


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  2. Enjoy your life here and can’t wait 2read more!

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    Thank you for following my blog! happy that you like it 🙂 What an interesting blog you have! for sure will be back here 🙂 have a sunny and happy day!

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