And we’re back…

We’ve arrived back in Blighty. There is something oddly normal about arriving back in England with all that you know. No one’s commenting on our accents, Steve Wright’s playing Sunday Love Songs on Radio 2, we took the lift – not the elevator, I didn’t have to specify HOT tea, and I spotted the M&S food hall at Heathrow.


I feel like I’m channeling Dorothy right now, when she woke up from her dream about the merry old land of Oz. Did I really live in the USA and do all those amazeballs things or did I dream it?

It must have been real because I just asked where the ‘trash can’ was instead of the rubbish bin.

Life will be more simple in the UK but I expect to be surprised by things still, even at the ordinariness or normality of it as I encounter my culture again.

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9 Responses to And we’re back…

  1. Pat and Pam says:

    Welcome back – to COOL Britain. Bet you’re glad to get out of the HEAT!

  2. tbonesays says:


  3. Grace Fritz says:

    I’m not a UK citizen but lived there most of my life. Now, living in Virginia, I miss “home” & even 10 years later I still feel like a foreigner. Have a wonderful time. We’ll be back in Scotland over Thanksgiving for 2 weeks. We can’t wait.

  4. iotamanhattan says:

    .Well hello, and welcome back. I’m sure you will throw yourself into repatriation in the same way that you threw yourself into expat life. Good luck, and I’ll be reading you.

    How do you apply for a job as “lifestyle expert”, by the way?!

  5. I discovered your blog yesterday when I was looking for British children’s games to teach my 5 and year old students. Then I just couldn’t help but read more posts! This summer my students and I have been exploring the world by focusing on two or three countries per continent and singing songs, playing games, cooking, reading, and doing lots of art projects like Indonesian batik. It’s really been fun! Tomorrow is our last day of our summer program and we are going to the beach here on the Olympic Peninsula rain or shine (and apparently it may be raining!) I have been to England twice and loved it! I long to go again and reading your blog has been fun and inspiring! You are so positive and have such a great outlook on life!

  6. Kiaya Carter-Brace says:

    Where can I read your past blogs on living in the USA? I can’t see them on here. Just your first and last 😔

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