Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 55

Nomination for Beautiful Blogger Award = chuffed

What a super, lovely surprise when I found out that fabulous, and local to me in Howard County, AnnieRie had nominated me for The Beautiful Blogger Award. What a wonderful honour – dead chuffed, as we say. I have been blogging for nearly six months now and have been over whelmed by the loveliness of people who blog and people who read and comment on blogs. You are all amazeballs (my fave word of the moment). AnnieRie writes her blog here, so check it out:

A condition of accepting the award is that I must also tell you ten things about myself.

So here goes:

1. I did not used to like chocolate at all, but for some reason I have developed a sweet tooth. Maybe something to do with the fact I now don’t quaff much alcohol anymore.

2. I won the first David Suchet Drama prize at school for my portrayal of Viola in Twelfth Night and he wrote a letter that was read out at my wedding. I love him a little bit, and he is, without doubt, the best Poirot ever.


This is me as Viola in Twelfth Night, circa 1990!

3. I have written three novels and a children’s book and loads of short stories, none of which I have had published, so I will make that thing happen, very, very soon.

4. When I was at school I wanted to be a Bond girl when I grew up and pretend I was Pussy Galore’s sister, Muffy.

5. I lived in Gibraltar and loved it very much there (particularly the freedom after five years at boarding school). It has a fond place in my heart and is a little bit kooky and strange, but is also bloody good fun (especially if you are aged 16-18….!)

6. I make a lot of lists. This is a list, so it is pleasing me very much to write it.

7. I cannot sing at all. I cannot even hold a note. It makes me very frustrated, and that is probably why I failed twice auditioning for Bristol Old Vic Theatre School.

8. I can’t decide between using my body or my brain for a job. That does not mean I am considering prostitution – it simply means that I love to exercise and teach Zumba and do personal training things and netball, but I also love words and PR and communicationsy stuff. It’s a tough one.

9. I can’t help laughing when my son does or says naughty things. He recently told me that “Daddy says fuck off to cars that drive too fast or if they don’t listen to him.” How can you not laugh at that?

10. I always think I will like to have a massage, and then when I have one, I don’t really enjoy it because I can’t relax and I think the person doing the massage will want to talk to me and I find it all a bit weird.

I also have the honour of passing this award on to six other bloggers whom I consider to be fabulous. There are so many brilliant bloggers out there that it was hard to choose just six but I’ve narrowed it down to these I particularly like.

Here goes:

1. – Carole Kay writes funny, interesting stuff, and she is a blog buddy.

2. Totally insightful and helpful – love it.

3. Pictures to die for by a very interesting lady.

4. You won’t believe this pics when you see them – awesome!

5. mum coming to terms with it all in the USA!

6. For every mother out there!

It’s a beautiful day in blog world!


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1 Response to Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 55

  1. EmmaK says:

    God thank you darling!!! I am well and truly honored. As a kindred spirit to you in so many ways (UK housewife in US) I know we have lots in common (GOD you had more confidence than me as a teen wanting to be Muffy….I was all acne and knobbly knees but I digress)…….I would love to answer questions but most of it is over here if you want to take a gander the thing is i started blogging five years ago and have since run out of steam somewhat and have turned to crochet and fiddling around with bits of wool which isn’t as kinky as it seems. hugs emma xx Bint in Baltimore

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