Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 580

Things I still don’t understand about America

Oh America, I love you and weird ways!

But…. there are things I still don’t understand and I get all confuddled 😦

Like these three things that have been confusing me this week:

1. Four way crossings. Why not put in a roundabout? I just think it would make super sense. You know, for traffic flow and wotnot. BUT – people would have to learn how to indicate, cos they don’t. Really, they don’t and it drives me bananas!

2. Why do people leave either shirts, bags, or other white floppy things in the car window when they have to leave their car on the side of the highway? I’m sure it’s a safety thing and good for you, but I never quite know, and I see them A LOT! Answers purlease!

3. Why are there gaps in the toilet doors? It’s weird and slightly Peeping Tom-ish. I don’t get it. You can actually see people pooping. Yes, er, you can, ahem.



Spring is officially declared!

Bugger Punxsutawney Phil, the poor old sod. The UK Desperate Housewife has officially declared that Spring is here on the East Coast of the USA! Here is proof (even whilst there is still snow on the ground!)….

Time to get a Desperate Housewife pedicure!

Time to get a Desperate Housewife pedicure!

Let’s hear it for the flipflops!


Cheers y’all!

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7 Responses to Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 580

  1. Joan says:

    Responses to your questions:
    1. People in the US are afraid of roundabouts, traffic circles, etc. It has only been in the past few years that Maryland has started adding them to our landscape…just about the time the state of New Jersey was getting rid of theirs.
    2. Ideally, if a car is broken down, it is a good idea to indicate so by attaching a white flag to the antenna. However, cars don’t have antennas anymore, plus no one in the US is willing to fly a flag of surrender at any time. The items of clothing hanging from the windows are the substitute for the white flag.
    3. I have no idea why there are gaps in the bathroom stalls. The British are so much more civilized!

  2. Lesley Allen says:

    I hate the gaps in toilet cubicles, makes me feel Im being peeped at.

  3. Shauna Rodriguez Vargas says:

    The gaps in the stalls have been there since time and memoriam so we’re used to them, but I can definitely see how they would make foreigners feel exposed. We learn not to look through the gaps in the doors (you just avert your eyes as you pass by) because it’s not polite. However, sometimes it’s helpful to peek under to see if there are feet in there to see if a stall is occupied or not! This is especially helpful in a busy bathroom, like at a concert or a sporting event. Believe me, we are not peeping at people using the toilet. Just because there are gaps in the doors does not mean people are oogling you.

  4. iotamanhattan says:

    Those gaps… I never grew to love them.

    Maybe it’s why so many American women wear dark glasses even when inside shops, airports, etc.

  5. Pat says:

    I hope you’re not actually peering through the public bathroom stall gap at the occupant as that would be incredibly rude! I can’t imagine an American ever doing such a thing. A cursory glance as you walk past is all it takes to discover that the stall is in use and if it is then you just wait your turn out of eyesight. Simple as that. The American public bathroom stall set-up allows for better air circulation and ease of cleaning the floor and the lack of full privacy is very much intentional. You do your business quickly and get out! The cheapest and flimsiest stalls tend to be in shopping malls, low-end restaurants and other public places with heavy usage. Nicer places do have nicer facilities.

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