Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 364

Walgreens, you make me happy when skies are grey/gray…

The Walgreens where I live, in Columbia, is a very happy place.

It is very American to me – in a good way. The music, what’s on the shelves, the people who shop there, the folk who work there – all of that makes it just Walgreens. I’ve no idea what other Walgreens are like in the country, but this one is just top notch! It has all sorts of bits and bobs in there and they are sooooo helpful to try and find something for you, but without being in your face.

Oh my, I think I actually look forward to going to Walgreens. And, a bit like the Target shopping experience, I always come out with stuff I didn’t go in there for. Oh crap, I forgot the milk.

Such a happy place!

Such a happy place!

When the staff in Walgreens say ‘you’re welcome’ and ‘have a great day’ I feel like they really do mean it, and, do you know what, after having been in Walgreens, I rather think I shall! 😉

Ah, America!

A question was posed today by BBC America to us Brits over here: What’s the most bizarre or hilarious thing that’s happened to you since you landed on U.S. soil?

I can think of so many!

But these are my top two for today 🙂 …..

USA Pants vs UK Pants (May 2013)

Harry and I attended a most excellent blog event at Greenberries with a new bunch of Americans ladies one evening this week and Harry was enjoying the attention as the only child there.

Harry decided to stand up and tell a short story to the crowd, flitting with ease between his British and American accents.

‘So he can speak in both accents?’ ask the lovely, smart American ladies.
‘Oh yes,’ I say, proudly. ‘Harry, say something in American.’

So Harry points to his trousers and declares in his American accent:
‘These are my pants.’

Then he PULLS DOWN HIS TROUSERS/PANTS, points to his underpants and declares in his best British accent: ‘And these are my pants.’

My most excellent, talented son 🙂

British pants / underpants....

British pants / underpants….

Mailbox (August 2012)

We have a mailbox (just like in the movies) at the end of our street, and we need a key to open it.

It appears to me that they key is not working. I try many keys. I wonder if a neighbour might intervene.

Throughout the day I try and try again.

To my husband I say, the key for the mailbox is not working.

You just go round to the front of it, he says, and we’re box number six.

Oh, I say, I’ve obviously been trying the back of it.

That’s the postman’s/mailman’s (note) side, says he.

So THAT'S the front....

So THAT’S the front….

In my defense, I’ve been very, very busy and am very, very tired. I have since found out it is a federal offence to attempt to access the mailman’s side. Oopsie!

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11 Responses to Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 364

  1. Andy says:

    Harry sounds like a totally brilliant kid! 🙂

  2. Ah Andy, he’s a card! 🙂

  3. In general I found Walgreens to be a nice store as well. Better than CVS. Funny story about the mailbox and frankly, I could see me doing that as well.

  4. Too funny about the pants!
    Last time I was at Walgreens I noticed they now say goodbye in a different way. I don’t exactly remember what it was, but instead of saying “Have a nice day!” It was something like “Have a healthy day.” I was strangely amused. 🙂 I just googled it and apparently they have to say “Be well”.

  5. Maryjenmary says:

    You live in a planned community, and most Americans do not have mail boxes like yours. I used to work for the Rouse Company, publishing their newsletter, when it was planning and building Columbia. There are many features which your community only shares with other “planned towns”. The other examples near you are Greenbelt ( the oldest, built under FDR), where my daughter lives, and Reston, Va. The rest are few and are scattered across the lower 48 states. Many states do not have any. Most of the rest of us do not have the planned walking paths, pocket parks, neighborhood centers as well as a town center, the list goes on. That is not to say that the rest of the country is not as nice–it’s just different.

    Myself, I voted for the ski slopes and moved to Upstate New York.

    Best wishes, Maryjenmary

    • Thanks Maryjenmary. I’m totally aware that Columbia is different – in fact, we call it the ‘bubble’! It’s interesting and nice, but sometimes sterile and lacks va-va-voom! I’m on a mission to explore the rest of the States in my last 18 months, if I can!

      • Maryjenmary says:

        Please come to see the Adirondack Park in upstate New York, summer or winter. It’s protected As Forever Wild by our State Constitution and is as big as two of the larger western national parks put together. It’s a wonderful land of lakes, rivers, mountains, campgrounds and camps. The Adirondack Museum is in Blue Mountain Lake.

        Enjoy. Maryjenmary

  6. Miranda Bee says:

    I love the Walgreens in Columbia, as well. That’s where I live.

    And Harry sounds as smart as he is funny! 😉

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