Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 346


I recently wrote a piece for the Union Jack Newspaper (a Brit paper in the USA) about USA vs UK attitudes to nudity. It’s amazing where my research will take me! Are our cultures divided by whether or not we can handle a bit of flashing the flesh?!

She was nudey-pants a lot.

She was nudey-pants a lot.

It was a great, fun piece to write – I expect it will generate a whole lot of debate (and I do wonder if folks will be starkers when they are tapping away on their keyboards…..!)

Here it is for your Friday viewing pleasure!

Only one more snow day

The schools only have one more allotted snow day to cash in on. So, snow, snow if you must, but please ensure that the schools add that on at the end of the school year so that I can have a no-kids-swimday before the summer break. Thanks 😉

Ugh (unless there is extra pool time...)

Ugh (unless there is extra pool time…)


A word on the Steelers. Poor Harry has rocked the sensibilities of the Ravens fans here in Baltimore, especially his honorary American godfather, Tom Coale. His response to Harry’s choice of football team? ‘Anyone but the Steelers, Claire. How about the Seahawks?’ I hear ya!

It might be like, if we were expats in the UK, Harry living in Liverpool and him deciding to support Manchester City. But apparently, the Steelers aren’t even considered in that league. Oh well, this is an American life lesson. Let’s see what happens when he wears that top! 😉

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5 Responses to Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 346

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  2. @cuttysharps says:

    I absolutely love your blog! Because I am half Jamaican, and can speak with a flawless British accent, maybe I relate better…dunno.



  3. Dan says:

    Great job on the nudity article. Covers everything that I experienced in the US as well.

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