Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 334

Reaching out…

Recently I’ve heard the term ‘reaching out’ a lot in America-land.

‘Thanks for reaching out, we appreciate it.’
‘I’m reaching out to see if anyone knows anyone who sharpens knives and tools.’ (Yes that is a real one 😉 )

Recent commentary on this phrase has stated that it is a phrase akin to corporate jargon or buzzwords that really should be banished (unlike ‘amazeballs’, obviously 😉 )

Reaching out, innit :)

Reaching out, innit 🙂

At first, I just couldn’t get my British ears round this phrase (though I am sure it’s being used in the UK too), but like most things in the USA I’m getting used to it.

It’s not just my British head exploding with the obsequious term – some Americans are saying that they’ve had enough of it altogether.

“It makes my skin crawl when someone uses the euphemism [sic], ‘reach out,’ as in, ‘we wanted to reach out to you making you aware of our new product’ or ‘we’ve reached out to John Doe to join us for our meeting on the 30th.’ Ugh!”

“Every time a prospective vendor tells me they are calling to ‘reach out’ to me I have to bite my tongue to keep from telling them to keep their hands to themself [sic].”

“The image of someone reaching out to us is more than a little creepy…..”

Sure, it’s very polite and all that, but…well, sometimes it does make me want to barf just a little bit. Apparently the standard (and rude) reply when someone thanks you for reaching out to them (as I was this very day): “Did not reach out; contacted you, wrote, dropped by. Arms still at sides metaphorically and literally.” Cheeky!

Anyway, if anyone wants to reach out to me with feedback about this phrase, feel free 🙂

To confirm, it is VERY COLD

Today was possibly the coldest day I have ever experienced in my life.
It was, as they said it would be, FRIGID.

I can’t take the weather people seriously when they use that word and plaster it all over the USA maps.

But frigid it is 😉

Bleedin' freezin'!

Bleedin’ freezin’!

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