Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 207

The Pirate Captain

I forgot to write about the Chesapeake Pirate Adventure Experience in Annapolis. Sure, it was great to go out on a boat during a lovely day and be on the sea and all that, but this is the reason I enjoyed it most of all…

The complete and utter dish that was the Pirate Captain :)

The complete and utter dish that was the Pirate Captain πŸ™‚ He made my timbers shiver….

Eastern Shore roadtrip, Part 1

Anyway, on to our latest American adventure. My observations follow!

1. The Eastern Shore is full of places with English names – Dover, Oxford, Cambridge, Salisbury. But, of course, they are nothing like our British cities and towns.

Despite the rain, Salisbury in the USA is not a bit like Salisbury in the UK :)

Despite the rain, Salisbury in the USA is not a bit like Salisbury in the UK πŸ™‚

2. These towns felt very, very American and very, very different from our Columbia bubble. And the flag was everywhere – doorways, porches, main streets. I like the Eastern Shore; it’s fun, genteel, interesting and quaint.

America pride - it's everywhere

American pride – it surely is


3. St Michael’s was supposed to be the gem in this particular area, but to be honest I found it just okay – nice, pretty, lots of up market shops, but nothing superdooper going on. When I think of St Michael’s I can’t help but think of Marks and Spencer’s knicker labels…..

St Michael's - I digged the signage!

St Michael’s – I digged the signage!

4. For me it was the Assagateague Island and State Park that caught my breath, with its 38 miles of golden sands and wild horses. Just mesmerising.





5. I’m fascinated by American trailer parks. And there were lots of them. Well kept ones, mind you.



6. I learned about Harriet Tubman and her role in the Civil War – what a woman!


7. There are several scary place names that make me want to write a Scooby Doo episode…..Bonecreek Road; Hell’s Acre Road; Screamersville Rd… And would you believe it, we spotted the Scooby Doo mystery van! We totally should have hung around to see who was driving it!

Gone to get Scooby Snacks?

Gone to get Scooby Snacks?

8. Tilghman Island is kind of creepy, especially on a rainy day when it is deserted…..And there was something very similar to the Bates’ Motel, down a loooong path on the peninsula…… I think this might be the place to write my book in solitude…..



8. We British were not popular in 1812. I heard and read a lot about this war of 1812, that most people in Maryland have inscribed on their bumper plates. I began to hold my head low on a boat trip (where, bizarrely, we met a family who live just down the road from us in Clarksville) as the fight with the English in the Chesapeake was fully explained to me πŸ˜‰



9. I love American street signs, old and new πŸ™‚ They just look, oh, so American!



10. Some people’s bumper plates are worth taking pics of….aren’t American plates so much more fun than the British ones when you can totally just have whatever you want on there!?


Part 2 tomorrow, folks!

Part 2 taster……the Confederate flag, meeting inspirational people in Easton, baseball, murders in Atlanta, Peter Popoff Miracle juice and more! How can you miss it?!!!

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5 Responses to Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 207

  1. I lived in a trailer until I was 10. Respect.

  2. Kevin I. says:

    Loved this post. On my favorite British show, Keeping Up Appearances, Rose often uses the word “dishy” to describe men she finds good looking. I think I’m going to start using it!

    Also, I used to have a vanity plate when I had a Scion xB. It said KEVSBOX – owing to the boxy nature of the vehicle, you see. There are vanity plates everywhere in Virginia, I assume the cost for it is much lower there.

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