Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 99

Ta’ra Maggie!

Well, goodbye Maggie Thatcher. End of a British era and all that.

I’m not sure what my American readers think of Maggie – the Washington Post says this of her: Former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher, the grocer’s daughter whose overpowering personality, bruising political style and free-market views transformed Britain and transfixed America through the 1980s, died Monday after a stroke, her spokesman said in a statement. She was 87.

The funny thing is, I really only remember the following about Maggie in the ’80s:

a) ‘Thatcher, Thatcher the milk snatcher‘ – the chant we sang at school when I was about 5 or 6 years’ old, when she stopped letting us have milk in our break times. Boo hoo.

b) The Miners’ Strike – all the politics really went over my head because I was more interested in Fame, Diff’rent Strokes and Degrassi High at the time, but I remember it being a little unpleasant with lots of very upset people, and Arthur Scargill’s hair.

c) Spitting Image – the puppet was probably most of what I took in about Maggie T. Hang on, how come I was allowed to watch that? It’s mainly to do with this insane song, which I might well use in Zumba as a tribute to her….

Oh my, I know all the lyrics to this song. Such memories…..

Whatever your view of Maggie is/was, she’s a British ‘legend’ now. Ta’ra Magster.


Washington Pillow Fight Day

I am sad to have missed this – WHAT FUN!

There’s always next year! 😉

BBQ season is here

Yep, beers, burgers and BBQs took precedence this weekend – and rightly so, with the sun shining. Maryland peeps are saying this is typical – spring doesn’t really get a look-in – it just goes from Winter to Summer, and man it is hot!

We like, we like! It’s hitting 83 degrees (that’s farenheit of course, Brits) on Wednesday. I shall be sunbathing.

Hoorah for the Daisy Dukes!


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8 Responses to Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 99

  1. EmmaK says:

    Don’t you remember the Smiths Song Margaret on the Guillotine with the line in it “Margaret, when will you die?” Still sad the Iron Lady’s kicked the bucket

    Well it’s so hot today I have gone into the mall to cool off….not complaining tho!

  2. Lisa says:

    Margaret Thatcher was great world leader, she would have been a great president of the U.S. instead of what we have now. and i love your blog. have a nice day

  3. Lisa says:

    And one more thing have to say L O V E GREAT BRITAIN, parents from Hasting,East Sussex.and can’t wait to see my cousins in August.

  4. Maggie was pretty well regarded in the U.S. especially for her relationship with Reagan and for being the first female PM, politics aside. Keep in mind that Tories to us are still pretty liberal, at least compared to U.S. conservatives.

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