Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 98

Baltimore Breakfast
So, I told you I was going to Baltimore this very morning for breakfast. I did, and it was a truly enriching experience.

Not just the breakfast, you understand (FYI, I had an egg, cheese and bean sprout bagel, so not as alliteratively interesting as I had hoped). ‘Twas also the people I met, the conversations I had, the scenery I saw and the feelings I had.

I felt alive in Baltimore this morning, like my pores were breathing in the atmosphere from last night’s parties, like the culture and history were speaking to me and like this is the kind of experience that really makes being 1000s of miles from home worth it.

Just look at what I saw:


UK boys living it up in Baltimore


Blue skies and old buildings


Celebrations from last night’s opening baseball game by the Oriole’s in Camden Yards, Baltimore (I know very little about baseball, but I suspect I will know a lot more before the season is over – and rest assured, I will share it with you!)


Cool signage


No coats – that means SPRING IS HERE! (Not in the Daisy Dukes just yet tho.)


Some very friendly homeless guys soaking up the sun in Fells Point, admiring the water and reflections


A little bit of history to make us UK peeps feel bad 😉


Just love this food sign – so ‘American’!


A chess board in Fells Point (neither Harry nor I play, but it looked lovely)


Curious and wonderful and strange street art


The Daily Grind – where we had breakfast. A wonderful bohemian place that makes sure it ain’t no chain eatery!


Fabulous Fells Point


The Fells Point square – people just sitting and looking pretty damn happy in the sunshine 🙂


Love this door sign 🙂


The streets look beautiful


Gotta love a cobbled street (but not in heels!)


The harbour


Boats out, sails up


Blue skies on a spring day


A typical Baltimore warehouse

And that’s it! Does it make you want to visit UK / far away peeps? Does it make you want to pop there and take it all in again local peeps? It should, you know.

I had a fine time talking blogs and blogging and literature and arts and theatre and exercise and all sorts of marvellous things with the folks from the

What an eclectic mix of people – some in berets (I want one), published authors, writers (someone had written for The Wire, so I was VERY impressed), theatre critics, beer critics, dating bloggers – you’ll find all this stuff on the website. It’s a little bit of everything.

And someone said the words ‘nom du plume‘. I now really want a ‘nom du plume‘ (or I guess that would be ‘nomme du plume‘ for me.) Suggestions welcome!

Anyhow, thank you Baltimore – a rich and vibrant start to a HOT weekend.

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12 Responses to Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 98

  1. ian bolden says:

    Your “nom de plume” could be “Clair de lune” : translated as either Moonlight (French) or Claire the lovely Loon (Silly Mother!!!) xx

  2. Kevin Inghram says:

    Lovely pictures, brings back memories of this area of Baltimore. Looks like you guys had a great time!

  3. You did well, most people, including me don’t make it much beyond the Inner Harbor.

  4. Pat and Pam says:

    I thought your nomme de plume WAS “UK desperate housewife USA” — non?

  5. Greg6833 says:

    Sure miss Bertha’s! Great pics of Fell’s Point too! Oh, and last but certainly not least, can’t forget nice pic of the daisy dukes, looking forward to more of those! The cicadas are coming the cicadas are coming!

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