Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 72

A bout of awesomeness

Having been in the USA five months now, I’ve had to adapt to lots of things, such as supermarket shopping (still spellbound), driving on the right and remembering the rules on the highway (or lack of them), using cents and dimes and pretending I can see which is which and add them up (which I am still useless at), and use of the American language.

I am using awesome a lot. And here’s why…..

When I take a Zumba class, I started off telling everyone they were doing ‘brilliantly’ or saying ‘super, well done’. They sort of looked at me blankly, so now I shout out ‘awesome’ and ‘good job’. They get it.

If I were to live in France, I wouldn’t ask for the bakers (if I were popping out for a cheeky croissant). I would say “Ou est la boulangerie?” And then I would eat said croissant and subsequently have to check in my French phrase book for the French translation for “Have you got any Gaviscon?” because I would then have terrible indigestion.

But that is how I see it – you adapt. You have to. It makes your company feel more comfortable and it helps you to fit in, makes you part of something. Some people still react to my quaint English phrases and words like ‘bottom’ (I must clarify that I use this is class when stretching – ‘lift your bottoms’, and at no other time) and ‘cuppa’.

But adapt I must, and so the loo is restroom or bathroom, chips are fries and the car boot is trunk and so on.

Ain’t that just awesome? 🙂

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5 Responses to Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 72

  1. ThatOtherGuy says:

    One thing to remember: even the mildest approval must be described as “awesome” or else it’s seen as damnint with faint praise.

    i.e. “How was dinner last night?”
    “You didn’t like it?”

  2. ian B says:

    That is called “adjective creep” or excessive hyperbole. The reverse is Litotes (look it up) when we talk of going across the pond from England to the US. Language is so loverley!

    Ian B

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  4. EmmaK says:

    Yeah I can definitely not get my head around saying ‘Awesome’ when someone asks me how I am here in USA. I tend to answer ‘Oh, I’m okay I suppose’ or ‘musn’t grumble’ but my friends have come to accept my curmudgenly English ways!

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