Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 623

The American Yard Sale

Well, Yard Sale’s aren’t just a thing here – they are A Thing! Like A Big Thing.

I think I underestimated what A Big Thing they are in Americaland.

Holy wow, there are some sure-fired yard sale pros out there, bartering and snooping, making their decisions. They are hard core and turn up way early. And then there are the mooching yard salers (I use this term ‘mooching’ in a British way, as in to meander and stroll and browse, and not in the American way which means to steal, cos if they did that I would be yelling at them down my driveway like a mad British fishwife!)

My fabulous yard sale!

My fabulous yard sale!

Anyway, the long and the short of it with the yard sale is that I’m not a pro seller, and in the end I gave away for free what was left after 1pm (because, please note, no one comes after lunch!).

I’m glad it’s all over!

Off to Canada

It seems a bit rude not to head up to Canada whilst we are in America-land, especially since half my family live there, so we’re off to Ottawa and Orillia to see the Canadian sights. Rather looking forward to it, I am 🙂

Many of my Canadian family and some of my Canadian friends are adamant that ‘we are soooo definitely NOT like America’, and since it’s been 16 years since I last went to the borough of Canada, I need a reminder if this is so or not, having now experienced the crazy place that is USA for myself.

Buddies really :)

Buddies really 🙂

So, how different will Canada feel to me? Bring it on, O Canada!

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