Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 615

Bye Bye Blog Party
Well, folks, it’s back to afternoon teas, going ‘to the loo’, driving on the left and making innuendos without having to a) apologise or b) explain them as I depart the wonderful haven that is Howard County after three magical years to return to Jolly Old England in just 10 weeks’ time.


Oh, how I’ve loved the spirit of Columbia and Ellicott City! How I’ve adored the people I’ve met who have enriched my life! And particularly, how I’ve enjoyed being part of this illustrious, witty, caring, and intelligent blogging community. It’s been a privilege to be part of something so special. Without my blog and the blogging community’s receptiveness to it much of my fulfilling and amusing, wonderful and bemusing life would not have taken place, so I want to use this blog post to thank them from the bottom of my British heart (yes, we Brits do have them – it’s just the stiff upper lip that masks it!). These folks helped make my experience here truly the best of my life yet.
Me and Bill, we're happy bloggers

Me and Bill, we’re happy bloggers

To mark the end of my blogging ‘career’ in Howard County, I’m teaming up with some other fierce, feisty and fun women whom I very much respect in the community and blogging scene and we’re having a party! Hosted by HoCo bloggers the UK Desperate Housewife USA (that’s me!), Howard County Moms (Kris Schneider), Life & How to Live It (Mickey Gomez) and Is This Thing On? (Candace Dodson Reed), we are women who love Howard County and we’ve have come together to host a summer celebration of HoCo at Portalli’s in Ellicott City. This will also be my chance to thank them all!
Bye bye #hocomd!

Bye bye #hocomd!

Fun times in Howard County!

Fun times in Howard County!

I take away so many memories and encounters that will shape me for the next part of my journey. Don’t forget I’ll be blogging back in the UK about what life is like returning as an expat from the USA, so keep in touch with me via my new British twitter handle @ClaireBMcGill, or via my From America to England Facebook page  and at my new blog From America to England.

In the meantime, let’s make these last 10 weeks rock! #somuchtodo!;)

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7 Responses to Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 615

  1. Sally says:

    Claire I sincerely hope that, like me, the friends you have made in America will be life long friends. Xx

  2. iotamanhattan says:

    Goodbyes are always hard. You’ve thrown yourself into live there in the US, though, so no regrets for you. And Blighty’s ok, really, once you remember that drizzle is a big part of life.

  3. Ray says:

    Will miss following your adventures and hearing how Harry’s doing…An enjoyable and well done job…CHEERS!

  4. Pam LeBlanc says:

    Good luck with everything! Can’t wait to read about how it all goes, looks like we may be repatriating in the next couple of years too. I’m excited but really nervous because it’s been such a long time since I lived in the UK! Will follow your adventures in the Motherland avidly!

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