Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 609

Blagging our way into Miss Teen Bahamas International 2015

Brit gals in the Bahamas, part 3

So one evening us inquisitive Brit gals (read as: nosey) watched a load of very glamourous, high-heeled young Bahamian girls and their colourful entourages take the stairs to a conference room above our hotel.

Having made a judgement on the hotel entertainment and agreeing that we were not nearly middle aged nor drunk enough to participate in the Macarena or the Conga, we decided to find out what was happening up the stairs.

‘Hello, what’s happening here?’ we ask fabulous woman with fabulous weave and nails.

‘It’s Miss Teen Bahamas International Talent and Couture evening,’ replies she.

‘Oh, that sounds lovely, could we peek in?’

‘Sure, take a seat.’ (Cost price of $30 a ticket we had been informed by someones’s mother earlier).


We took our free seats for a ‘peek’ and spent the next two hours entranced by the event that took place not only on stage, but within the audience too. Let me tell you, our British reserve is certainly noticeable when in a room of hyped up, super charged, very excited Bahamian mothers and their families. I’ve never heard anything like it! It was amazeballs!

missteenbahamas3 missteenbahamas2 missteenbahamas

The contestants this year were Benielle Ferguson, Britney Wells, Cassidy Deveaux, Jamie-lee Hepburn, Jasmine Lundy, Kaniesha Davis, Laquisha Young, Madihah Lockhart, Arlenis Mota, Simone LaRoda, Tatianna Deveaux, Tiskeia Wright and Tyeisha Rodgers.

Love ’em – they sang (sort of), danced and recited meaningful rap lyrics to the appreciative audience. And then they came out in ‘couture’, which the compere said was the bit everyone got most excited about, and he wasn’t wrong! Much wooping and ‘yeah baby-girl’ stuff going on!

My version of couture is not the same as the Bahamian version of couture, but, you know what, theirs is much more interesting and reflective of their culture. Sarah Jessica Parker would be proud of these elaborate costumes made, we realised, by mother, auntie, her down the road, and Grandma, all of whom were high fiving each other for their efforts. And damn straight, there were no crappy Blue Peter efforts there (alright, there was one! 😉 ).

I can’t even tell you who won that round cos I got v v v confused at the end about who’d won what, but Gawd Bless ’em, those gals worked it for the crowd!

And at the end we scuttled our British bums away, having witnessed something far more entertaining and cultural than random drunk Americans and Brits making out to Lionel Ritchie on the dancefloor 😉

Next up: Three Teeth Tony, snorkelling, and we gatecrash the World Relays!

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