Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 592

Howard County celebrity Col. Gateway

So, where I live there is a road called Columbia Gateway Drive but on the road signs for it, it is written like this:

Col. Gateway

Col. Gateway

And so this local dude has fashioned himself as ‘Col. Gateway’ and dressed up in beard, hat and old bluecoat attire and given himself a pseudo Brit/Colonial accent and has been doing PR stuff on snow plows and making songs and wotnot.

This is that chap.

This is that chap.

So us Howard County bloggers, who are curious types, met with him at a blog party for and about him and to ask him more about his odd, fun, weird ways. I have offered to give him British accent coaching lessons, but I heard nothing. My intention at the party was to get him to say ‘brilliant’ in a British accent, which, as we know from previous blogs, is a word that I think Americans can’t say. Can he pull off an authentic British ‘brilliant’ I wonder….?

The meet and greet

The meet and greet

This is what happened…..

a) he didn’t say ‘brilliant’

b) he kept in character the whole time

c) there were cardboard cutouts of him so you could become Colonel Gateway.

Me as him.

Me as him.

Good for him for bringing some fun to the area! Rock on, Colonel Mustard, I mean Gateway 🙂

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  1. What happened to #592 ?.

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