Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 591

Eatery bucket list

As well as a travel bucket list, we have an eatery bucket list to complete before we go back to the UK, and I have to say it’s not all great food, but such is the way of the modern world. I also think you’ve just got to try it, and let yourself be the judge!

Today was the first time I got my chops round a Chipotle. I’m really not a massive fan of Mexican (it’s a bean thing, if you know what I mean 😉 ) and thus had avoided it, but a friend told me at the weekend it has light and healthier options, and I chanced up one today, so in I went……

This is sort of what I had....

This is sort of what I had….

This happened:

a) I had no idea what was what at the food counter nor how it worked as nothing was labelled, so I just listened to a daughter explaining it to her mom and went along with that option

b) the servers plonk the various options on your taco or burrito, or in your bowl, as was my case, with as much love for you as those miserable dinner ladies back in secondary school

c) I realised that I do not know how to pronounce ‘Chipotle’ and it is not as I thought – ‘chip-ott-elle’, but rather like this:

I feel it needs an acute accent on the ‘e’ at the end for it to be pronounced like that. Just saying in an obnoxious way, that is all. 😉

d) what I ordered actually tasted great, and you can get healthy options (hoorah!), but the servers are right bloody miserable and there is not a first-timer ‘panic’ button for newbies like me, so I rate Chipotle a banging 7/10

e) sorry to anyone who was with me post-lunch today about having the beans……


Next on the list is one I’m dreading: Taco Bell. I’ve heard soooo many horror stories about this place, but, again, I just feel it has to be done as part of that American experience…….!

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13 Responses to Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 591

  1. EmmaK says:

    I will eat almost anything and yet ….I am a Taco Bell Virgin because they use dehydrated beef which they bring back to life with water. I am all for people performing miracles but I am pretty sure you can’t create actually nice tasting meat out of rehydrated beef…although I may well be wrong 🙂

  2. Marci Gower says:

    i will drive miles and miles out of my way for Chipotle. Yum!!! On the other hand, I will drive miles out of the way to avoid taco bell. Play it safe and order something meatless…

  3. Andy Kay says:

    You know it’s quite ok to be a food snob, but it should be remembered that for many people fast food (good or bad) is all they can afford for their meals each day. It’s like mocking Wal-Mart and the people that shop there, but again for some it is the best option for shopping as just about everything there costs less.
    There’s always another way to look at things.

    • Nathan says:

      Not to sound like an ass, but wen I was growing up, if we couldn’t afford to eat out we ate at home. Feeding a family of 5 for 10 dollars a meal is better than spending 5 dollars a person. Not having a lot of money is not an excuse for eating at a fast food restaurant everyday, because it’s NOT cheaper than eating healthy at home.

      Just my two cents.

  4. VictoriaK says:

    Don’t do Taco Bell. Just don’t.

  5. DennisL says:

    Poor dear … I bequeath a bottle of Beano for your future Mexican foodie endeavours.

  6. tim spahr says:

    Please do not evaluate “American” food based on lousy renditions of Mexican food. I’ve lived here all of my life and I am not even sure what American food is except maybe for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. i will admit the choices are endless and that, somewhat, defines the American way of life. Bon Appetit!

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