Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 584

USA is THE place!

As I prepare to depart Uncle Sam’s shores, I hear that the USA is becoming the most desirable to move to from the UK.  Apparently almost half of UK residents admit they would not miss the over-crowding and traffic in the nation’s towns and cities in the event they moved abroad.



When I went back I was very aware that the UK felt so much smaller and more cramped than the USA. Space is a thing here! And yes, my house felt that much smaller and cramped too!

These are the stats from a survey by Around a seventh (14 per cent) of respondents aspire to move to live in the USA, closely followed by Australia (13 per cent) and Spain (12 per cent). New Zealand and France ranked joint fourth with eight per cent of the vote respectively.

The survey also asked UK residents what they would and wouldn’t miss about the British Isles if they were to move abroad.

I think this would resonate with a lot of Brits I know out here!

What would UK residents miss if they moved abroad?

  • Family and friends (79 per cent)
  • The NHS (46 per cent)
  • Native language (28 per cent)
  • The sense of humour (24 per cent)
  • Food (23 per cent)
  • The BBC (12 per cent)
  • History/Heritage (10 per cent)
  • Takeaway restaurants (7 per cent)
  • Weather (7 per cent)
  • Sunday shop openings (6 per cent)
  • Newspapers (6 per cent)
  • Political stability (6 per cent)
  • The Royal Family (4 per cent)
British weather!

British weather!

But what about the things they wouldn’t miss….?

What would UK residents miss least if they moved abroad?

  • Weather (68 per cent)
  • Over-crowding (47 per cent)
  • Traffic (45 per cent)
  • Pollution (34 per cent)
  • Commuting (33 per cent)
  • CCTV/Surveillance (15 per cent)
  • Food (8 per cent)
I do not miss this!

I do not miss this!

So, expats, what do you miss / not miss…..?!

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4 Responses to Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 584

  1. Les Lyon says:

    not much really, we can get proper bacon here now and of course good chocolate until the embargo hits from Hershey…….wouldn’t go back home to live for anything

  2. Liz Sherrill says:

    TAXES!!!! That’s crazy no one mentioned the high UK taxes? Everything from cars, tv, housing the lot. (Don’t miss)
    Brit chocolate esp since Cadburys are no longer able to export to the US. Cheaper prices on UK foods overthere as here they cost!!! (miss).
    Being able to WALK. Parks & shops & markets
    (Severely miss)

  3. Lesley Allen says:

    I miss family and friends most of all but I do not miss the dull, overcast rainy days that makes the UK so green. Also the damp that seems to creep into your very bones and make them ache. Yes it might rain here in the US but it never lasts more than a day. I just adore the amount of sunshine I get here on the East Coast. As for food, I think its bacon and English sausages, followed by cream cakes, especially clotted cream on scones. As for the BBC, I listen to radio 4 all the time via computer and BBC American and PBS have all the great shows, just a little later than the UK, but hey I don’t mind waiting, after all I have sunshine to keep me company.

  4. Please show me the 4% of Britons who will miss the Royal Family, so that I can sneer at them.

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