Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 565

My American friend’s commentary on the USA

This week in the USA it’s been a busy news week (depending on how you view news).

An American friend of mine seemed slightly overwhelmed and exasperated by his own country and asked for the opinions of folks who aren’t originally from the USA about what they thought of it all:

‘I would love to know what foreigners think of US news this week: drunk dancing sharks are the biggest news from this year’s Super Bowl (yes, a championship game for football, not dancing sharks); a “closeted” gay republican congressman, Aaron Schock, decorates his office Downton Abbey themed; children in the US have measles again (yes MEASLES) because Jenny McCarthy MTV M.D., and the likes told parents not to vaccinate. And this is only Tuesday. Non-US friends, please weigh in on how ridiculous this country currently seems, I’m honestly curious!’

I replied that, as ever, the USA provided me with essential blog-fodder in its own weird and wonderful way. But, honestly, I’d be curious to find out what folks around the globe thing when they read these things about America-land. Do tell!

This, fyi, is Aaron Shcock’s Downton Abbey-inspired office 🙂 (He won’t comment on this by the way!)

Downton, Aaron Schock style

Downton, Aaron Schock style

The first person who acknowledged Harry’s cultural difference at school – hallelujah!

I have the utmost respect for the only teacher in Harry’s American schooling experience so far who has recognised his innate and unequivocal Englishess in and out of the classroom.

Yesterday she told me: ‘We speak so fast and differently sometimes, with our own idioms and cultural references, that for Harry as a seven-year-old it must often feel like we are speaking in a foreign language.’

True that, smart lady teacher. (Only what I’ve been telling the USA schools here for nearly 3 effing years.) We truly are  two nations divided by a common language, and Harry can certainly confirm that.

This :)

This 🙂

The 21 mile-a-day walking man

James Robertson, the 21 mile-a-day walking man from Detroit. If you don’t know his amazing story, you should check it out here.

Harry and I talked about the story of James Robertson in Detroit and Harry couldn’t believe this man had to walk 21 miles every day just to get to work. He was so touched by this man’s story that he wanted to know all about James, how he lived, if he liked his job (he does), and if he is sad or happy.

My seven-year-old made him this card which we’ve sent to James via the Detroit Free Press. That’s 21 kisses for the 21 miles James had to walk to work and back.

21 kisses for James Robertson's 21 miles

21 kisses for James Robertson’s 21 miles

P.S. James has a car on the way to help him get to work and back now! Hoorah!

This sort of thing doesn’t happen around here!

I read a story this morning that informed that over 50 cars in Columbia, MD had been spray painted overnight. Pain in the arse for those car owning folk this morning. I was actually pretty shocked, don’t ya know! That sort of thing doesn’t happen around here! 😉 No, seriously, actually is doesn’t.

I am more used to this sort of thing in the town in which I live in the UK; where I experienced such things at a weekend as drunk folk falling into my garden; fires being started on purpose; having my car nicked by a 12-year-old; having three blokes garden running through my back garden; having an attempted break in; endless cherry knocking; plants being ripped up; and my elderly neighbour being constantly harassed.

Pic courtesy of Columbia Patch

Pic courtesy of Columbia Patch

So, yes, to hear of this sort of thing in Columbia, MD = wowsers. (And some are spray painted with PROFANITY as well…….) #mustgoandtakeapeek

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