Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 558

Letter boxes UK stylie

When the weather is as gawd-awful as it currently is in Maryland, USA I miss one thing very much: my UK letterbox that is in my door.

It’s a very American First World problem that I have when it snows and ices over. What a palaver it is going out of my door and walking across the road to get to my mail box and collect my mail. Oh, how I miss my postie having to undertake the slipping and the sliding and make the journey TO MY DOOR to deliver my post and have it land on the warm cosy mat inside my house.

Put my mail through here please :)

Put my mail through here please 🙂

Yes, that’s what I miss 😉


A week today I will be in the UK, and I will holding a ball in my hands that I haven’t held for a long time: a netball.

My efforts at playing netball in the USA have been sporadic. Netball does exist, and I played in the USA Netball Championships in 2013 in Atlanta, but it’s still alien to most Americans. Aussies play it, New Zealand folk, and a lot of the Afro-Caribbean community and Commonwealth countries too. Just not enough Americans!

Netball Championships in the USA

Netball Championships in the USA

In my humble opinion, it’s THE BEST sport EVER and I can’t wait to play it again back in the UK 🙂

Britain is Brillopads

Apparently so, says a British expat in the USA who went back for a visit recently.

British countryside

British countryside

Have a read of the piece which is on my other blog Desperate Housewife: From America to England, which, if you aren’t following, I ask ‘why the flippin’ heck not?!’

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3 Responses to Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 558

  1. Sally says:

    Not only did I miss having post delivered to the house but I also missed my milkman. My US friends found it unbelievable that I had my milk delivered daily. (Still do!)

  2. Lauri says:

    I first heard of netball only a few years ago. We were visiting friends in England and got a personal tour of the comprehensive school their kids attended so our teenagers could see what it was like compared to our high school. The student guides explained netball to us. So many things we learned that day made our kids wish they were going to school in the UK!

  3. Pat and Pam says:

    Funny, I miss the ability to put outgoing post in my houses’s rural postbox by the road or on the mailbox hanging by my front door. Here in England I have to walk halfway across the village to the postbox or take it to a post office. I must admit, though, that MOST of my time in the USA I did not have to go to a community cluster post box to collect my mail. I suspect that is getting very common now.

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