Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 552

New Year in the USA

New year is well underway here. We have the first snow of the season on its way tomorrow – yawn, over it already.

What’s been amusing me at the gym is how all the American ladies are like ‘Oh, I have to burn off those extra cookies I ate.’ I heard it three times today already. The cookies, the darn cookies.

Whereas the British women I have encountered (there are a bunch round here) are like: ‘Oh my God, I ate and drank soooooo much….I drank EVERY day….it was really good fun.’

Happy Sozzled New Year ;)

Happy Sozzled New Year 😉

So, I need to know if the ‘cookie’ thing is just a thing that’s said by these women to capture the holiday thing, or if it’s true that they did just eat lots of cookies and over the holidays there is a big cookie eating thing that happens, or is the cookie thing just a cover up for the Americans doing the real deal drinking thing as per the British women?

Or, are we Brits just a bit boozier in general than our American cousins…?!

Anyway, it made me curious. Answers please!

Dinner party etiquette

I could write wads and wads about this, but really, when it boils down to it, British and American dinner party etiquette really is very different from start to finish.



I couldn’t find any video to demonstrate this, but I did find this and it reminded me how funny it is. I might do a video about the British / American differences, which aren’t as extreme as this, but ya know…. 😉

On the Dr Oz show

If you’re in the USA and happen to be doing the ironing at home, or flicking through channels, or at a complete and utter loss at what to do with your time, you might like to tune into WBAL-TV (NBC) and watch me at 2pm on Wednesday 7 January for a 30 second briefing on curing insomnia. It’ll be sure to make you laugh (remember The Jacket incident I blogged about…? 😉 ). And I bet they edited the audience’s gasp when I spoke forth in an English accent!

I'll be on this :)

I’ll be on this 🙂

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7 Responses to Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 552

  1. tim spahr says:

    That’s funny, I thought Borat was British!

  2. mspahr2014mspahr says:

    I think the ‘cookie’ thing is real & I think maybe Brits are a bit boozier (but who cares!)

  3. Shauna Vargas says:

    I know that I definitely tend to eat more cookies during the holidays, but I don’t really drink any more than I normally would. So for me, at least, your theory holds true.

  4. Pat and Pam says:

    Yup — Brits are boozier. I noticed it particularly my first Christmas in UK — the office parties in town all day, people booking taxis so they could drink a lot, business offices banned from pubs because their Christmas parties were too rowdy a previous year. And all marks of pride, it seemed.

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