Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 535

Party bus Americana

On Saturday we took a party bus around Baltimore. I hear party buses are quite the thing in London now – it’s how to get all your chums round the town in one piece.

This party bus was, as it should be in America, an old yellow school bus painted black, seats stripped out of rows and into side benches, with coolers, dance poles and a loud sound system. Rocking!

Awesome. I can now say I’ve travelled in an American school bus, all be it a crazy party one!

Heading on the old school bus!

Heading on the old school bus!

Hugging in America

I’ve grown accustomed to the Americana way of hugs with a greeting. I like it. We Brits often just offer a hand to shake, but here there’s less formality and more welcoming of open arms. Sure, it may differ from NYC to Atlanta, but here in Maryland there is a hugging thing going on, and I shall bring that back to the UK. It makes you feel very welcomed. Our awkward British reserve can feel slightly uncomfortable about this, but I say let’s HUG, British folk!

Yeah, let's hug!

Yeah, let’s hug!

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