Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 521

Can Americans ‘do’ English beer?

When I say ‘beer’ I mean ‘ale’. I really wished my British chum Matthew was with me last night in Columbia, MD, to sample a new beer that is being brewed in Baltimore. Matthew’s quite the connoisseur of beer. Yes, there is such a thing.

This beer is the English-style pale ale, Shell Raiser, which is now on the taps at every Greene Turtle bar from yesterday.

English beer is popular here on the East Coast of the USA and the Greene Turtle has brewed this English-style pale ale made with crystal malts and English and American hops.

The Greene Turtle's Shell Raiser

The Greene Turtle’s Shell Raiser

So, does it taste ‘English’? English beer is a rare thing to my taste buds. I confess that if I ever have a beer, it will be a Sol with a lime slice squeezed in it. I think I’ve only really had the odd beer in a pub in the UK perhaps at Christmas around a log fire to warm the cockles, when the thought of having a pint (or a half pint) just appeals.

Yes, I think it tastes very English! I can imagine having a pickled egg or a pack of Scampi Fries with this beer.

It’s brewed by Heavy Seas in Baltimore and has a ‘malt forward presence and slightly hoppy finish’. They say that Shell Raiser pairs nicely with several Greene Turtle menu items, including burgers, signature sandwiches, gourmet tacos and wraps. I love me a taco, but I think if we want to make this a truly English sensation, a pasty or a beef and horseradish sandwich would also go down a treat.

Good old British pasty!

Good old English pasty!

So…can Americans ‘do’ English beer? Yes, I rather think they can! Nice one, Greene Turtle peeps.  (But get that pasty on the menu! 😉 )

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2 Responses to Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 521

  1. micklively says:

    Some British craft brewers are actually using American hop varieties. Bloody colonials get everywhere! 😉

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