Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 518

Writing the date today!

I realised that today I can write the date the British way in America-land and not get it wrong! (11/11/14)

In fact, then I realised, being the Brains of Britain that I am, that I can do that every month! Hoorah! I will make sure to this on those days!

Lifestyle expert

Last month I did a segment on Fox 45 News in Baltimore as a ‘lifestyle expert’. Well, they want me back! This time I’ll be on Monday 17 November at 815am (in case you want to see it live – otherwise, have no fear – I’ll video it! 😉 )

This time I’ll be promoting ‘gifts for moms’ at Christmas.

If you didn’t see the last time I did it, here’s a reminder of what I did (and that is NOT an American accent – okay, just a twinge of one!)

I hope I get to see the dishy Tom Rodgers again!

Ride-along in Baltimore

This Friday I will be able to strike another thing off my USA bucket list. A police ride-along in Baltimore.

I’m v excited about this, but doubt very much I will be able to report or blog too much since it’s all confidential innit, but rest assured I will have something to tell (and a pic of me in a bullet-proof vest I hope!).

People have questioned why I want to do this. And I say ‘why not?’. (I just won’t be watching episodes of the The Wire before I go…. 😉 )



Fear not, mother, I’m in good hands!

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