Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 512

My Expat Blog Interview

I haven’t done a little expat interview for a while, but this one was pretty darn fun to do.

Keeping it real, Desperate English Housewife stylie ;)

Keeping it real, Desperate English Housewife stylie 😉

Some enticing extracts for you!

‘I had a nagging fascination with things like Glee, Miami Vice, Fame, The Wire and Desperate Housewives and I kind of wanted to see if any of it is true. (Between you and me, some of it is).’

‘For me, the ‘job’ is being an expat and having a whole host of experiences. That’s a rich and rewarding CV/resume in itself.’

‘I love seeing things with new and childlike eyes. I was like this in New York: ‘Ooh, look at that Philly Cheese Steak Hot Dog thing on the pavement next to the hole in the ground with steam coming out! It’s so New York!’’

‘My top tips are just connect, don’t be shy, be open, don’t close your eyes, heart or mind to new experiences or opportunities. Don’t make excuses. Don’t judge. Go out there, do something. Turn off the TV and do something more interesting instead (now, who said that on British TV in the 1980s?). Well, they were right. Do that.’

You can read it in full here 🙂

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