Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 503

Confusion about undertaking!

In my last post I ranted about ‘undertaking’ on the USA roads. Some people thought I was talking about funeral homes (WTF?!), or they thought undertaking was just like overtaking. Mais non!

Undertaking is this: To overtake a vehicle on the wrong side. Dangerous, and illegal in many countries, especially Germany where Autobahn (motorway/freeway) laws are extremely strict. It is the favourite activity of Audi man, usually at dangerous speed. Audi man will also cut you up afterwards.

In the UK, where one drives on the left and overtakes on the right, passing on the left is undertaking. So, in the USA, undertaking happens on the right of the car and it DOES MY HEAD IN!

(But……. I confess that I do do it sometimes when needs must – much to the shock of my parents when they came to stay!)

The End.

Insight into Elementary School

Harry tells me that the girls at school mostly fart at lunch.

He says he doesn’t know when English girls fart, though.

Well, I guess he’ll find out next year. 🙂

I think she probably just let one slip....

I think she probably just let one slip….

Halloween is almost here

These are some of my favourite Halloween house decorations so far this year!

Americans sure know how to rock this Halloween thing!











Love this!

Love this!



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4 Responses to Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 503

  1. Those were great. The nice thing about Halloween is that no one is making much money off it.
    Just millions of kids (and adults) having fun.

  2. Mindy Helms says:

    Great Halloween pictures! Still confused, a bit, about undertaking. Do you mean passing someone who is driving too slowly in the left hand lane by using the right hand lane to get around said wanker? (Note: Faster traffic is supposed to drive in the left hand lane while slower traffic should stay in the right-technically-) I think that’s supposedly illegal here in America too. You’re supposed to pass in the left hand lane only, but, no one does a thing about it. As for the, um, farting, I didn’t know British people farted! 😉

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