Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 501


The Renaissance Festival: medieval merriment like only the Americans know how.

Do we have this sort of thing in the UK, they ask. Not really, unless you count a few Forest of Dean folk pretending to make blankets out of wool on a miserable foggy morning in an ‘encampment’, talking like they’re extras on Merlin, as being like Rennfest, which it totally is not.

I’ll miss this Game of Thrones/Harry Potter/Pirates of the Caribbean drunken revelry in the woods. I’ll especially miss the Lancashire/Somerset hybrid accents from some folks who are trying to be totally authentic and the annoyed looks they give me when I speak in a real British accent.

I have one wish for Rennfest tho: I wish for everyone’s sake they had invented bras in medieval times. #lotsofboobsfloppingabout πŸ˜‰

Rennfest is an eclectic mix of folks

Rennfest is an eclectic mix of folks

Wizards meet at Rennfest!

Wizards meet at Rennfest!

My mate Joe works the whole of Rennfest

My mate Joe works the whole of Rennfest

The mime troupe

The mime troupe

This guy (in the middle ) ;)

This guy (in the middle ) πŸ˜‰

Louis Van Amstel

I don’t watch Dancing with the Stars, but it’s the American version of Strictly Come Dancing. Anyway, there’s this dude on there who is a pro dancer and today he came to Columbia, MD to teach us fitness instructors some of his ‘La Blast’ moves.

What a cheeky chap he is (he loves an innuendo!). And he is super talented and v funny!

Louis, with his big bouffant!

Louis, with his lovely hair!

Dance, ladies and gents!

Dance, ladies and gents!

With my chum Christine :)

With my chum Christine πŸ™‚

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