Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 489

Friday night lights

On the bucket list was a desire to attend a high school football game and watch the marching band geek it up with their trombones and aubergine slacks, see cheerleaders flick flack, high kick and shake their pompoms whilst keeping their hair in perfect ponytails, and witness the school jocks come running on out to whoops and cheers from smitten freshman girlies. Oh, I wanted it to be totally and utterly clichéd in a Glee-type way, and I was not disappointed.

Gawd love 'em

Gawd love ’em

The marching band

The marching band

I really, really don’t get, or even particularly like, American football (there is a lot of preening and time out and chest and fist bumping, and I can’t see their faces so I don’t know who they are or what in their outfit is actually theirs and what is really padding), so we didn’t stay for the game. I was only really keen to see the pre-game shenanigans.

This is the pre-game shenanigans 🙂


This was our second trip to NYC (read about our first trip, back in December 2012 here), and since we’d visited most of the bars last time we went, it seemed only fair to get a bit of culture in 😉

This trip, it was these things:

Ground Zero – emotional

The High Line – fabulous

Greenwich and Washington Square – I’ll take a nice little town house here please 😉

The Statue of Liberty – wowsers (Dear Frenchies. I get it. She rocks.). What a chick.

Times Square – still crazy

The subway – don’t love it

New Yorkers – genius clothes choices

Cab drivers – wtf?

Food – we made some bad food choices 😦

Central Park – massive and lush

Joggers of NYC – yes, I see you are fit, congratulations

People in costume – thanks for not over-bugging a six-year old

NYPD – charming ladies and gents

NYC skyline

NYC skyline

Liberty with her ice cream

Liberty with her ice cream

Me loving NYC

Me loving NYC

Ground Zero

Ground Zero

It's a cool city

It’s a cool city

People were still sunbathing NYC style! :)

People were still sunbathing NYC style! 🙂

That Brit Guy NYC

I did meet up with a charming fellow Brit in NYC, who you might remember from the blog back in April.

We met up and talked expat lives, NYC kookiness, American humor, British humour, and what we’ve made of hanging out with Uncle Sam. Check out Chris’s comedy here.

Me and Chris :)

Me and Chris 🙂

Good times!

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