Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 486

It’s a NO

Well, Scotland, we loves ya, we do! I so hope that, from an English point of view, relationships with our Scottish cousins keep happy.

For what it’s worth, my fave city is Edinburgh; I love Ewan McGregor LOADS; and I support Andy Murray in the tennis 🙂 .

Harry wore this to school today.

The flag :)

The flag 🙂

Maryland attractions

Living in Maryland I have discovered a lot of super lovely things.

From Fells Point in Baltimore, to Assateague Island; from old Ellicott City to Annapolis; from Flag Ponds to Solomon’s Island; and the Chesapeake Shakespeare Company to Boordy Winery, there is an awful lot to see and do in Maryland.

So, I was taken aback when a local radio show highlighted Maryland’s top tourist attraction from a survey done in Men’s Health.

This, they say, is the top one for Maryland: The Longest Escalators in the Western Hemisphere – Hop on metro at Wheaton to ride the longest set of single span escalators…115 feet up/down.

An escalator.

Here is that escalator.

Just v v v v long. That is all.

Just v v v v long. That is all.

Mind boggling.

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