Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 474

Footie podcast

The dulcet, and very British, tones of the UK Desperate Housewife USA have been used to introduce a very funny footie podcast called Canons and Cockerels. Smashing!


Do check it out here! 🙂


I can’t express how much I love Annapolis. Every time I go there the pleasure of walking in the cobbled streets and seeing the mish-mash of fascinating houses and glorious history increases. This is a little part of America that I will be coming back to a lot this year – I didn’t visit it enough last year (I think of American years as August-July, only because I arrived in August 2012!).

Lovely houses, but can someone tell me the story of the all the wreaths?

Lovely houses, but can someone tell me the story of all the wreaths?

What a town!

What a town!

The Governor’s Mansion is always worth a peak to see if Martin O’Malley is up and about early for brekkie or doing his push ups on the front lawn. Dammit, he wasn’t today! 😉

Morning Governor!

Morning Governor!

Oh, and boat rides in the rain and thunder storms with the #hocohomos are certainly part of the Annapolis experience!


Now, the boat we went out in Annapolis Harbor was called DELTA SPIRIT, which, my British friend pointed out, are actually the names of the two worst (cheap as chips) airlines that fly from Baltimore. Thus, he concluded, this would be the same as calling a British boat after our two worst airlines: EASYJET RYANAIR. Not so glam is it?!

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