Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 471

Knives in America

This is not a post about stabbings in the USA. Oh no, this is a post about superstitions about knives in the USA!

In many places in the United States it is considered bad luck to hand an open, folding blade knife to someone. Yes, I guess it is pretty bad luck, because your hand will probably get cut. Just saying.

Anyway, this is especially true in more rural (read as ‘redneck’?!) areas where carrying a pocket knife is as common as carrying a set of keys.

It is also believed that allowing someone to close a folding blade knife that you have opened is bad luck. I would so close it cos I’m hot on health and safety.

Watch yer fingers!

Watch yer fingers!

Read this bit, cos you have to read to the end: ‘Just as with swords, regional and cultural superstitions exist regarding the treatment of knives that are used in combat. One common superstition states that it is bad luck to return a combat knife from its sheath without using it to draw blood. A variant myth exists surrounding drawing a knife without drawing the blood of a cultural enemy (e.g an Englishman).’

Read that last bit again. Yes, an Englishman. I’m guessing they are referring to back in the day when we were fighting and burning down the White House and wot not and not right now, as in present day, else I’m in trouble.

In some parts of America, it is considered bad luck to sharpen a knife, or any blade, after dark. Well, that’s that late night steak eating out the window, then.

The Desperate Housewife does the #icebucketchallenge for #als

I decided to undertake two challenges and donations since I was challenged twice – firstly by my American friend, and then by my British friend. Hence the two videos and the two outfits.

Enjoy! 😉

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    Booooooooooooo! That was no bucket!

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