Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 448


There was this little story on a Washington radio station yesterday involving British boy band One Direction, all about how this British girl, who couldn’t talk, was blown a kiss by member Harry Styles and then, apparently, she could talk again.

You can read it here, if you have nothing better to do.

The kiss of a British pop star....

The kiss of a British pop star….

I’m not really bothered by the story, but I do like this bit of the reporting:

‘Her mom [they mean ‘mum’, obviously], pronounced herself “gobsmacked” – British for “shocked” – by the restoration of her daughter’s voice.’

Love that they had to explain ‘gobsmacked’. 🙂

Faucet / tap

About two years ago, when I first arrived in the USA, I was at an American friend’s home and she was washing stuff in her sink (that sounds like we had a really boring time, but I think she was actually washing up the extensive amount of wine glasses we had been using….). Anyway, she used her kitchen sink tap in a way I had not seen before.

She pulled it out of its holder and pressed a button to spray around the sink. I was suitably impressed by this little gadget and wondered why we didn’t have one in our American house. They are genius. (Apparently, they do have these in fancy new kitchens in the UK, btw.)

Well, roll on two years, because it appears we do have such a ta (or ‘faucet’) and I’ve only just found out! It’s been there all the time I’ve lived in this house and I’ve just never bothered to look for it or use it.

Ain’t that something!




West Coast trip – it’s happening soon!

Hell yeah!

Hell yeah!

A lot of folks tell me I’ll adore the West Coast. I hope that’s true! 🙂

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2 Responses to Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 448

  1. ThatOtherGuy says:

    If you’re going to California, I suggest you just move house. You’re not going to want to come back.

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