Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 422

Bringing up my British boy in the USA

I wrote a guest post this week about the funny little things my son, age 6, says as he tries to get his head round stuff in the USA.

He says some very funny stuff – out of the mouth of babes, right?

Here is that guest post – enjoy! 🙂 (He’ll be dead chuffed his quotes are now immortalised for all to see!)

Harry with my magazine cover!

Harry with my magazine cover!

Bubbly, beautiful Brooke

Last year I met (read as stalked) DC radio personality Brooke Ryan for a while and ended up inviting myself on to her podcast for station 107.3 not just once, but twice – and what fun we had (girl crush!!) You can read all about those exploits here 🙂

So, with the husky voice Brooke getting married to handsome Jimmy in a matter of weeks, and thus Americana wedding planning is in full swing, it seems only fair for her to be my Celebrity Interview for the blog.

Over to you Brooke!

About Brooke
I’m an ‘On Air Personality’ at All The Hits 107.3

Brooke says: ‘Stalk Me…It’s okay 😉 ‘ @ItsBrookeRyan

Ain't she a doll?! :)

Ain’t she a doll?! 🙂

1. So, you are like a proper radio celebrity in DC. Tell us a little bit about your life.
Well I’ll give you an example of tomorrow (today now!)…I have to be in a little early to interview a new band called Magic! When that is over, I’ll grab lunch at one of the great restaurants in Chevy Chase (where our station is located).

At 1pm I have an interview with the folks from the DC Memorial Day Parade to talk about the events of the day and then when that is over I’ll prep for the show. By prep I mean go over every gossip, lifestyle, and local blog.

At 3pm I’ll jump on the air, do my show until 7pm. And on Wednesday’s I do a podcast called “I Love This Buzz” at Red Rocks so I’ll head to Arlington at that point and grab some cocktails and discuss all things that are Buzzing this week!

2. Are you originally from Charleston? What brought you to DC?
I’m actually from California. I started my radio career at 18 in Bakersfield, Ca. A few years into it, I got a call from a Radio Station in Knoxville, Tennessee asking if I would be interested in a job there. I was 20 years old, had dropped out of college (I always knew it wasn’t for me) and had to make a decision-Go back to school or try out this radio thing for real.

After a year and a half of being in Knoxville I got an offer to be on a morning show in Charleston, SC and 5 years into my Charleston life I got the call from DC asking if I wanted to move to the Nation’s Capital and work for 107.3.

I’m not surprised people think I’m from Charleston. I do believe that home is where your heart is and while I spent 20 years of my life in Bakersfield, I found myself and my voice in Charleston.

Brooke's bachelorette party!

Brooke’s bacherlorette party!

3. You are getting married soon to handsome Jimmy and he proposed at Disney! Tell us a bit about your Disney fascination and your plans for the wedding.
Awe…Disney proposal! It was so cliché and so perfect. Jim knew my love for the Man (Walt Disney) and the Mouse (Mickey) and proposed in front of Cinderella’s Castle on Valentine’s Day! It was everything I could’ve asked for. Disney is my happy place.

I truly do believe it is the most magical place in the entire world. Any man that can accept my crazy obsession with Disney and indulge my crazy is the man for me! As for wedding plans, we are doing a SUNDAY FUNDAY Backyard BBQ theme in my neighbor’s backyard in Bakersfield, CA. We’ll have about 200 people, a normal beautiful ceremony, and then a BAD ASS reception full of flip cup, beer pong, dancing, mac & cheese, bbq, and great friends and family! What can I say, We love a good Sunday Funday.

Sunday Funday Brooke-style

Sunday Funday Brooke-style

4. Which celebrities have you met and have you any anecdotes you can share about them?
Nate Dogg is the worst celebrity I have ever met. He was so rude and while I know you shouldn’t talk trash about celebrities that have passed away, he was the first celebrity I met and the worst!

The best was Matt Nathanson. When you talk to him it’s like you’re talking to a friendly pal you meet at the bar. He is just so lovely. Oprah is incredible. While you don’t get a lot of time with her on a Red Carpet, she looks everyone in the eye and answers the question you ask. When you are with her, you are the only person in the room. She’s something else.

Katy Perry is GORGEOUS in person. Just stunning and very sweet.

5. What are the main cultural differences between Charleston (the South) and DC (East Coast?)
Charleston is in the South but also on the ocean so it is East Coast. I think that is what makes it so different and so special. Charleston is a mix of the Midwest, South, East Coast…and the occasional Californian. Charleston is a little piece of heaven. Everyone is friendly, the city is gorgeous, the food is delicious, and there is always a fun event/concert/oyster roast/etc.

DC is like the World’s Melting Pot. You are introduced to so many cultures so many lifestyles…so many different types of food. DC is full of events as well and great restaurants along with amazing museums and monuments…but the people are different. It’s a lot more laid back in Charleston than it is in Washington. People take the time to appreciate things as opposed to quickly moving onto the next like they do in DC.

N.B. That was a really hard question to answer because I am so biased. 😉

Me and Brooke hang out in DC for the podcast :)

Me and Brooke hang out in DC for the podcast 🙂

7. Complete this sentence. Washington DC is….
Washington DC is…pretentious. I know that’s terrible to say and I probably shouldn’t but I tried to think of another word for 15 minutes and decided that’s how I feel so it’s what I should write.

8. Complete this sentence. The USA is….
The USA is pretty f-ing awesome!

9. What is next for Brooke Ryan?
That’s a very good question. I would love to get back into Morning Radio. I miss the interaction. I miss waking up and being a part of people’s morning, and I miss having them be a part of mine as well. I was never GREAT at TV because I speak with my hands and talking with your hands on camera makes you look crazy. When I try to keep my hands down, the words don’t come out of my mouth the same way. It’s so silly but it’s true. Plus I like being able to wear my yoga pants and a hoodie to work.

10. What fascinates you about British culture?
Everything! My Grandmother was born and raised in England but passed away before I was born so there is a piece of me that has always felt connected but also felt so distant. On top of that, I love Royalty, pubs, overcast days, old beautiful buildings and castles, and accents.

Marvellous Charleston!

Marvellous Charleston!

11. If you had to name a song, a movie or a book that describe you and your life – what would they be?
My song would be ‘Oops I Did it Again’ (for so many reasons. One of which being my love of Britney Spears. Another…I don’t always learn my lesson the first time) and the book would be ‘Oh The Places You Will Go’ by Dr. Seuss. 🙂


Have a fabbo wedding, Brooke
(And get ready for our next hook up for a podcast in June! 😉 )

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