Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 409

Bacon festivals, USA stylie

Do we have festivals dedicated to bacon in the UK? Not that I am aware of. Our British ode to bacon is performed on a Saturday or Sunday morning with the obligatory fry up, if that’s your thing.

I’ve grown rather partial to American bacon, however, mostly because I have a six-year-old who’s mad on it.

The Bacon Festival in Rash Fields (yes, really!) in Baltimore was all about bacon. Oh, and thrash metal and over-priced drinks, and really, really long queues, but we won’t dwell on that bit 🙂 .

Put simply, there is a lot of love for bacon in the meat-eating world of Maryland, hence the festival. Paleo lovers would think they might have a field day, but not when they see it being deep-fried and stuffed on the top of a deep-fried battered funnel cake and coated in maple syrup and icing sugar. 😉

Anyway, bacon ruled the fields of Rash today, and this is what we saw…

Get yer head round that lot!

Get yer head round that lot!



Oh my.

Oh my.



Even this.

Even this.

British accents/American accents

I’ve been spending a bit of time hanging out backstage with some American-actory types in the show I’m performing in and I decided to see if they could do a convincing British accent for me. Some of them really pulled it out of the bag. Check them out!

(Note, we’re all in period costume for Romeo and Juliet!)

But then the tables were turned on me – can I do a convincing American accent? Ummm, it appears to be a work in progress, since I appear to travel, within 20 seconds, across the whole of the United States! 😉

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5 Responses to Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 409

  1. Marci Gower says:

    Solution for world peace: Make this a mandatory festival anywhere and everywhere there are people who eat!!

  2. Andy says:

    Yeah, I like bacon as much as the next person but I think I’d pass on these gourmet delights. Apart from anything else, they have no idea here what a good bacon sarnie even looks like. Those thin, burnt to a crisp strips that snap in half do not resemble anything even close to bacon.

  3. Pat and Pam says:

    Loved the accent videos. Yes, yours sounds pretty much below the Mason Dixon line. 😉

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