Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 391

Mommy Dearest

My name has changed. There is no longer a ‘u’ in my name, but an ‘o’ instead.

Yes, this does break my British-mummy heart, particularly when I am told he was corrected at school by his peers and teased for writing ‘mummy’ instead of ‘mommy’.

No more 'u' in my name :(

No more ‘u’ in my name 😦

This kind of takes away some of the darling Britishness that makes Harry, but I guess he conforms a little to fit in, and that’s only natural. I still hear the ‘u’ when he talks to me, so there is still the glimmer of that and it makes me smile.

English-speaking lady

A British friend has started helping out in Harry’s school. This has delighted Harry muchly.

He told me this: ‘Molly’s mum came to school today and she speaks ENGLISH’!!’

And very proper English she speaks too!


It's all about the accent!

It’s all about the accent!

Louis Theroux’s America

I’m a big Louis Theroux fan and avidly watched his programmes looking at the Westboro Baptist Church, skinheads and other crazy stuff in America from a few years back on the BBC.

This time he’s back on British telly with ‘Louis Theroux’s LA Stories’ – three new films putting Los Angeles under the microscope. I’m intrigued.

Continuing his diverse exploration of life in America, Louis looks at LA’s problem with neglected and feral dogs; the experiences of patients with life-threatening conditions at the city’s most famous hospital; and examines how California deals with sex offenders after they are released from prison.

Louis in LA

Louis in LA

This is what the tall chap with the posh accent says:

“I’ve been living in Los Angeles with my family for the past year or so. It seemed a chance to explore different sides of a single place, by spending longer immersed in stories and going deeper with the subjects. I have a love hate relationship with the city. It embodies the best and worst of America. It combines wealth and glamour with social breakdown and deep neglect. We’ve concentrated on stories that take us into the extremes of life and the extreme parts of one of the world’s great cities.”

I can’t wait to see it, however I might be able to do that without BBC internetwebby access thingmajig, but I will try. These subjects are fascinating and ones that I would love to find out more about. Nice one, Louis – or ‘good job’, as they say here!


We just got back from Texas! The next few blog chapters will reveal all my thoughts on the great state, plus pics of cowboys, bands, and all things big and fun! 🙂 And we have some fab guest posts coming up too!

The Rob Gillam Band

The Rob Gillam Band

Wimberley in Texas

Wimberley in Texas

Wimberley 'Little Bit of Heaven' ;)

Wimberley ‘Little Bit of Heaven’ 😉

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5 Responses to Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 391

  1. Maryjenmary says:

    If you want your son to call you “Mummy” take him to see some Egyptian mummies and you’ll be a mummy again very quickly, and nobody will laugh at him when he explains. You can add that there are many mummies in England.

  2. Ray says:

    Great post about Harry’s mummy, mommy usage. Kids can be cruel!

  3. Mindy Helms says:

    That makes ME sad to hear Harry’s classmates teased him. Harry, stick to your guns and be your beautiful self! Pain in the neck Kindergarteners. 😦

  4. john says:

    Little Harry is just removing that British u such as flavour vs flavor etc,

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