Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 376


The American term ‘eyeglasses’, which is used over the word simply ‘glasses’, never fails to amuse me, because I pretty much think the word ‘eye’ before ‘glasses’ is redundant when using the word in context.

For example, if I were to say “I’ll just put my glasses on” I am guessing that it’s fairly obvious that I require apparel for my eyes to see and not that I am going to put two drinks glasses up to my eyes in order to view something better.

But, then it got me to wondering if there is common usage in the States of those comedy ‘drinking glasses’ that have straws attached to them and that the word ‘eyeglasses’ needs to be used to prevent confusion over usage of these types of glasses. 😉

See what I mean - drinking eyeglasses! :)

See what I mean – drinking eyeglasses! 🙂

Ken and Anthony drinkiepoos

Tonight I’m going ‘hobnobbing’ and having drinkiepoos with the next Governor (Anthony Brown) and Lt. Governor (Ken Ulman) of Maryland, which is very exciting for this little blogging British girl in Howard County #hocomd. I love me a bit of American politics!

Firstly, I must remember to call Anthony with a ‘th’ the American way when I meet him tonight. (Why do we Brits say it differently from our American cousins…?).

Secondly, I must be on my best behaviour and not let the British side down in case they decide to throw us Brits out again. (Note to self: no mojitos or dancing on the tables.)

Thirdly, I must not do a Mockney British accent and say ‘Alwight Guv’nor’ all evening 😉 .

Ken Ulman and Anthony Brown

Ken Ulman and Anthony Brown

British food at the Corner Pantry

I’ve heard about this place in Baltimore called the Corner Pantry, which does British food and does it quite well, at that, because the chef is from Colchester in England.

Whilst I don’t actually ever really crave a Bacon Butty or Spotted Dick, I’m keen to see and taste the promise of “British fare with an American accent”.

Bacon Butty, innit.

Bacon Butty, innit.

British specialties are on the breakfast menu. I’ll get to choose from crumpets (fyi, my mother calls a ‘buttered crumpet’ a ‘cruttered bumtit’!), scones and sausage rolls. On the daily menu, there’s a listing of ‘sarnies’ (yes, this is a popular term in the UK for bacon sandwiches in particular and sandwiches in general 😉 ).

They also do afternoon tea. Ooh, marvellous, I might just be in time for that!

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10 Responses to Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 376

  1. Thanks for giving me a new place to check out the next time we’re in B’more.

  2. Oh yes, we should! And, I just browsed the menu and they have Coronation Chicken. Y-u-u-u-m!

  3. In Australia, “to have your beer goggles on” is a phrase you often hear when you’ve had a big night of drinking and picked up a person that you’ve met in a bar/pub/club, who in hindsight is a little or a lot ugly 🙂

  4. Andy says:

    Bacon. Butty. I am now quivering with desire.

  5. EmmaK says:

    That place is fairly near me – they have a cute logo of a Bulldog wearing a crown. I don’t actually get a craving for British food although I do have a weakness for sausage rolls straight out of the oven!

  6. john says:

    ‘Spotted Dick’ would never be used stateside for a food reference. A VD perhaps.

  7. dhb says:

    As an American expat in London, I love a good bacon roll. It took me about 5 years to fully appreciate the British bacon sandwich. Now, I inhale them.

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