Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 374

British comedy

I love me some British comedy. To the Manor Born, The Vicar of Dibley, The Office, Alan Partridge.

I also love me some American comedy. Parks and Recreation, Arrested Development, Modern Family, Friends.

One of my favourite images of David Brent :)

One of my favourite images of David Brent 🙂

But, British comedy is what I was raised on and that’s at the heart of my funny bone 🙂 . I am always pleasantly surprised by how much my American friends love a dose of British comedy. I have one friend (you know who you are!) who seems to have watched more British comedy than I have and knows his Hyacinth Bucket and Patsy Stone quotes inside out!

Anyway, this is my piece on British comedy for your pleasure. (Post writing I kicked myself for not mentioning Blackadder, which, interestingly, I was watching on Christmas Day when my waters broke! So Harry is very lucky not to be called Baldrick! 😉 )

The Last of the Snow Days (please)

And so, yet another snow day is upon us. And my sanity slowly melts away as the snow does not.

Please, please, let this be the last of the snow days. We’ll be pushing the summer term into August at this rate, and whilst I will certainly take advantage of days at the pool sans enfants, this is taking the piss now!

Hoorah for the parents!

Hoorah for the parents!

Plus, I slipped on some effing ice today, which must have been hilarious to see. It was one of the those quality, slow-mo falls right on to my arse. 😉

Just do it, already!

This phrase is very American, I’m sure. When Harry uttered it the other day whilst watching TV, I realised it was a genuine Americanism that he had adopted into his vocabulary, and why not hey?

It’s not a bad phrase at all, but if I said it, I would sound like a bit of knob with my British accent. It’s like if I said ‘y’all’ at the end of a sentence without being tongue in cheek about it. I’d sound right and proper daft, I would. 🙂

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