Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 362


Apparently, I don’t say Taco correctly, like the Americans do, according to Harry. And he might very well be right.

‘Would you like a taco?’ (I pronounce it TACK-O)
‘A what? It’s not TACK-O. Americans say TAH-KO. But it’s not even an English or American word anyway, so you have to say it right.’

I stand corrected.



Take out boxes

I don’t think ever, ever, ever in the UK I’ve been asked it I want to take home my food that I can’t eat from a restaurant in a take out box. Maybe, just maybe pizza, but otherwise, nope, I don’t recall that EVER happening.

Maybe it’s something to do with portion size here in the USA that I tend to have more leftovers, but that’s another debate.

If you can't eat all that, fret not - shove it in a box and take it home!

If you can’t eat all that, fret not – shove it in a box and take it home!

It’s actually no bad thing to take it home and not waste the food on your plate, and I was so excited 18 months ago when I was given my first take out box at Famous Dave’s. I stuffed in the ribs and the cornbread and we merrily munched on that as another meal the next day. But, I honestly don’t think I would be offered a take out box anywhere in the UK if I couldn’t finish my meal.

If this is now the case, and it does happen, yet again I will stand corrected.

It’s funny, it’s just one of those American things that I now take for granted. I’m not sure how a British waiter or waitress would respond if I asked for a take out box. I’ll try it next time. Not in Claridges, though, naturally.

PG Tips

This is my British friend’s car number plate / license plate in the USA. She drinks tea, in case you didn’t guess. 😉

British class!

British class!

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8 Responses to Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 362

  1. My next mo’or will defo be a Mini. UJ detailing n’all.

  2. Andy says:

    Brilliant number plate! In Virginia mine used to be COYS N17 ( ask your better half, I bet he knows what it means). The one I always really wanted to get was WANCHOR. I figured only brits would get a laugh out of that one. 🙂

  3. Hahaha, that would be a great plate!

  4. That is so funny about the take out. We were staying with family in Devon a year ago, went out for an Indian meal and, unusually for the UK, we had a great deal left over so I suggested we boxed it up and took it home. My brothers family were shocked that I would have the gaul to do that. My sister even went so far as to say that left over food doesn’t taste as good when eaten later. I refused to leave all that paid for food so stubbornly requested a box. The next morning my family thoroughly enjoyed the feast and my brother joined us, saying from now on he was never going to leave food behind. There are some very good things about our life in America and we have to be thankful that food is plentiful 🙂

  5. I’ve said the same thing about take out boxes before! And that car is fab!! I don’t think you could get anymore British!!

  6. Pat and Pam says:

    Ditto — Here in the UK I have occasionally requested that uneaten food be wrapped to take home. Sometimes it is not done very efficiently, probably because the restaurant wasn’t well prepared to package left-overs, but they did do it.

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