Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 356

Howard County: Living Life to the Fullest, by Me

Folks, I’m doing all sorts in the lovely County of Howard, where I live. And I love it. I’m living it up!

What do I to pass the time….?

Well (deep breath!):

* I teach fitness classes to a great bunch of Americans (and some Brits!);
* I help the local elementary school and the food bank with nutrition guidance;
* I write for magazines like Howard Magazine, and online newspapers (such as the Baltimore Post Examiner) and blog sites about being British in the USA (see Lost in the Pond and Smitten by Britain);
*I work with my friend Tom Coale to support his political campaign events;
* and I’m going to be acting with the Chesapeake Shakespeare Company in the Spring in their production of Romeo and Juliet.

Happy in #hocomd

Happy in #hocomd

Phew! It’s right knackering sometimes, let me tell you! Sure, my carpet needs cleaning, but ‘sod it’, is my view – live life to the fullest. My expat experience is only for a few years and I’m packing it in!

Top banana! Back of the net! (And other jolly happy Brit phrases!)

And of course I write this blog on a nearly daily basis! I’m one busy expat-bee (who also needs to visit a million more places in the USA and blog about them!)

Anyhoo, in a few weekends time I’m going to be serving drinks as a ‘Celebrity Bartender’ to the great and good and generally smashing folk of Howard County to raise funds for Howard County educational initiatives at Evening in the Stacks: Vintage Vegas.

To promote the event, we filmed this video and it’s pretty cool. I’m dead chuffed to be part of this little piece of Americana. In fact, it’s one of the highlights of living here so far. And I know there are even more to come! Such fun!

Take a look, blog readers, and when you’re done, go here and leave a nice tip for me. Go on, it will be ace and brillopads if you do – and you’ll get a shout out on the Desperate English Housewife in Washington Facebook page!

Cheers, mateys!


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4 Responses to Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 356

  1. “Good job” Claire! 😉 A lot of expats could learn a thing or two from the Brit in the Daisy Dukes.

  2. Hi Claire!
    I really enjoy your blog (and miss you Mondays at the pool! Where are you?!)! So, I’m sharing your blog with my followers, and I’m inviting/nominating you to participate in the Liebster Awards/11 Things Blog Challenge. The details are going to be posted on my blog later today. If you choose to participate, I hope you enjoy the challenge! Here is the link to my blog:

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