Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 332

Damn, it’s cold!

Right, so it’s going to get very cold in the USA. Like super cold. Like freezing your wotsits off cold. Like don’t even think about reaching for the Daisy Dukes cold.

Apparently some of the coldest air in years, if not decades, is poised to pour into the land of America with mind-boggling low temperatures.

They’re saying it will be -16 degrees Celsius (4 degrees Farenheit). COLD.

Beautiful, but flipping freezing.

Beautiful, but flipping freezing.

More snow days? I hope not. They can be very trying πŸ˜‰

My other half posed an excellent question when the snow day came on Friday: ‘When do Eskimos get snow days…?’.

That's a snow day.

That’s a snow day.

Personalised tags

I’ve written about personalised tags before, but I had to break all the cell phone rules (I was at a red light) and snap this one.

Bloody brilliant

Bloody brilliant

Some others that have tickled me…



I hear ya ;)

I hear ya πŸ˜‰

Words, words, words

Sometimes I stop and smile at words that we Brits use in comparison to words that my American friends use.

And I hear lots of American English, of course, and my British English still confuses sometimes too.

These are just some that still make me stop and smile…(and sometimes I find myself using the American English version…)

– anti-clockwise / counter-clockwise
– lorry / truck
– bill / check (I now say ‘check’ because the poor waiting staff get v confused otherwise)
– flats / apartments
– car park / parking lot (yep, I use this American one now – I think I prefer it!)
– chemist’s / drugstore (ditto)
– the cinema / the movies (I have to use the American ‘movies’ because if I Google ‘cinema’ it doesn’t know what you’re on about for the USA)
– wardrobe / closet
– drawing-pin / thumbtack (Harry has started using this for school bits and bobs)
– drink-driving / drunk driving (I still call it drink-driving and it’s still wrong, whatever you call it!)
– dustbin / trash can (Harry calls it this, as well as garbage)
– ground floor / first floor (in most USA hotels we’ve been in there is no ‘ground floor’ as in the UK – the floors start at the first floor)
– handbag / purse or pocket book (I don’t get pocket book, that one’s weird, but here‘s an apparent answer!)
– holiday / vacation (we call it a ‘vacation’ now when we go on ‘holiday’ because in the USA ‘holiday’ generally means like a holiday season or time like Christmas or Thanksgiving)
– toilet / bathroom (I call it a loo, pretty much whatever!)

See, no ground floor!

See, no ground floor!

Nip to the loo :)

Nip to the loo πŸ™‚

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8 Responses to Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 332

  1. salpal1 says:

    my favorite personalized license plate? ti evom

    see it in your rear view mirror and it makes great sense!

  2. Hanna says:

    In Canada we have
    -ground floor
    and holiday and vacation are both used
    and we have toilets.
    I love using some British words to throw people off. I love β€œflat” and β€œlorry” and
    sometimes I’ll spell tire β€œtyre”. — Gotta keep peeps on their feet ! lol.
    I have a personalized license plate for my mini and because I speak German as well as English, it’s MINIMAUS.

  3. Carol says:

    The governor of Minnesota has announced that all schools in the state will be closed on Monday because it supposed to be around -30 Farenheit.

  4. Claire E says:

    Flippin’ Nora Claire, that’s fffff freezing!!, On the ‘words thingamajig, I have to say I prefer every Brit version, apart from flat…Flat, just saying the word reminds me if some grim rental property, now ‘apartment’, well that’s just, by UK definition, going to be a classy place to live!!!

    Keep warm, it’s not to bad this side of the pond, Cxx

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