Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 293

If Thanksgiving had been about pizza…..

I endured a movie last night called ‘Free Birds’. It’s a kids’ cartoon and it was all about what would happen if Thanksgiving had not involved turkeys. So did they succeed in freeing the turkeys? Yes? And what did Americans replace the turkey with? PIZZA.

A turkey eating a pizza. It's all too surreal....

A turkey eating a pizza. It’s all too surreal….

Just think about that Thanskgiving meal for a moment, if it was pizza……would you still be thankful?!

Security guards who look like police

Outside my bank there is a [quite hot] security guard all dressed with armour and a visor and a gun, marching up and down like a very important policeman. At first I thought he was a cop and then I realised he was a security guard. I don’t recall us having security guards like this at our banks in the UK, if any at all.

Anyway, it’s one of those American things, and I don’t mind it at all, especially if they are hot 😉

Not my bank security guard, but he'll do....

Not my bank security guard, but he’ll do….

Where are you from?

I still get the question ‘Where are you from?’ when I speak in my British accent. I still like it.

Then I have to tell them that I have been in the States for just over a year and that I am not here permanently….and I realise that time flies so. Reality check. So much to do, so much to see still.

More of this please

More of this please

And more of this....

And more of this….

Read this…

If you are an expat and have kids, or wonder what it is like to be an expat with kids and how it feels adjusting to the culture and why it is so important to integrate them, whilst still maintaining aspects of your own culture, read this article. It’s will enlighten you.

My thoughts on it are this:

I often tell my five-year old that one way is not right and the other way is not wrong, they are just different. And different is good.

As a Brit out here for a short space of time, I had two options: 1) hang around British coffee mornings and talk about where we used to live in the UK, how different things are from the UK (lots of things to talk about there!) and where we have travelled to in the USA or where we plan to go, or 2) dive straight into the American culture and find out how it all works; try things; meet people; visit places; be part of a community and try to understand the USA, and do the same for my son.

I firmly chose the latter and have met some fabulous Americans, but still enjoy a smattering of the former with some lovely Brits – and I am having the time of my life.

Hoorah, America!

Hoorah, America!

And my son…..well, he is having some amazing experiences that are far beyond those he would have back home in the UK, and he is learning to accept differences in a very positive way, and for that I am grateful, America. 🙂

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4 Responses to Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 293

  1. VictoriaK says:

    I so agree with your comments on ex-pat living! So many of my American counterparts rarely leave their embassy-sanctioned neighborhood to explore the city (Vienna, Austria could hardly be considered a hardship zone); and their days are filled with cooking and cleaning and otherwise being a slave to their families (cooking and cleaning is all well and good, but not if there’s an opportunity to do something interesting.) Me? I’m out there exploring, botching every third attempt to speak the language, filling my camera card with photos, and still making it home in time to cook dinner. On most afternoons. 🙂

  2. We here in the States like to have symbolism to make us feel better. The “fake” police at our banks and the TSA people at our airports are just there for appearance sake. We are such gullible folks.

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