Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 247

Getting lost in Columbia

I love walking the paths in Columbia, but I often have no bloomin’ idea where the heckythump I am going. Which way now? Left, right, round about or backwards – nope, not a clue.

But at last I hear they are putting up signs on the pathways so dumb Brits like me can find our way around and home again! Hoorah!

More signs please!

More signs please Columbia Association!

This is all very good cos I get very lost.

Pittsburgh’s phallic posts

New traffic barriers (known as bollards) are causing some controversy in the Glendale section of Scott Township in Pittsburgh. Why? It’s not the function, but the form. (Snigger.)

“When you really look at all four close together, they look like male body parts, which I don’t think is appropriate,” says Glendale resident Pat Martin.

“Everyone’s laughing about them,” she adds, “because of the way they’re put and what they resemble to people.”

Phallic, non?

Phallic, non?

Oh what fun on a drunken night out they would be….! Come on, Pat, don’t be a stick in the mud – embrace the bollard (that’s what she said) 😉

Obsessed with Fall

I love summer, yes I do! But I love Fall (Autumn) decorations in the USA. They are totally lush!

Check out these beauties 🙂

How cute is that?!

How cute is that?!

Just a bowl of pumpkins, but it's lovely ain't it?!

Just a bowl of pumpkins, but it’s lovely ain’t it?!

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3 Responses to Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 247

  1. Dan says:

    These bollards are hilarious. Glendale just got a new landmark 😉

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