Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 245

American Stereotypes

So my Brit chum Toni has written this piece busting American stereotypes. We’re all guilty of it, aren’t we? We’re guilty of it on the Brits too in our own communities, but let’s face it, we all have had opinions and preconceptions about Americans…..I wonder if Americans have their views on how they perceive each other internally and if there are more stereotypes that exist?



I’ve certainly seen a variety of Americans out here, and met some that did not fulfil the stereotypes mentioned, or perhaps I see that as adding to the list – a different type of American, but a positive one: a philanthropic, generous, articulate, positive and kind American. I’m lucky to know a few of those 🙂 You know who you are…..

Ravens ‘fashion’

I have to say I don’t rate the American football clothes that one is supposed to wear if one is a fan. It’s all synthetic and shiny and nasty and I’m not partial to that in any way, shape or form.

But lo! Macy’s had some nice gear in to support the Ravens! I didn’t buy it, but it looked miles better than some of the ‘fashion’ items I’ve seen previously.

(Note: the UK football fashions leave A LOT to be desired too – in fact, I would rather chop my own arm off than wear a UK football club branded top, but that’s just me 😉 )

I might consider wearing this at a push....

I might consider wearing this at a push….

Deer collisions

My friend Jennette shared some curious information with me after my last post – the odds of colliding with a deer by State.

This is said information for Maryland:

Ranking State – Maryland, 14th
Projected collisions – 34,112
Chance of collision – 1 in 114.9

Click here to find out your state / deer collision likelihood! (I’m glad to say it’s not happened yet – I’m sure it’s quite a harrowing experience).

CHiPs cops

Today I saw two cops on big mahoosive bikes, side by side in one lane and I had only one thought: CHiPS!

I couldn’t take a picture a) because it wasn’t safe and b) because they might have pulled me over (although at least I could have asked if I could take a picture after they done all their cop stuff).

Anyway, here’s CHiPs chaps as a reminder….

They were dudes!

They were dudes!

Gordon Ramsay commercial

Driving along today I heard the not-so-dulcet tones of Gordon Ramsay, or ‘Chef Ramsay’ as the American lady kept referring to him as, in a commercial on the radio. It was for some sort of bank that apparently Gordon has now decided is the best bank ever in the USA (I have no idea which one, so the commercial did not work) and they used his chef persona from TV to try and sell the bank.

It was excruciating. If I find it, I will share it with you.

Gordon, don't do any more commercials, please.

Gordon, don’t do any more commercials, please.

Pumpkin spice latte

Today I had one. I liked it. That is all.

Surprisingly tasty :)

Surprisingly tasty 🙂

Gun poster at work?

My friend shared this picture with me – it’s on a poster at his work. Interesting, hey?!

Hands up.....

Hands up…..

I’m not quite sure what kind of safety poster this is, but we sure wouldn’t see one like that in the UK!

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6 Responses to Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 245

  1. Kevin says:

    The other night I ran to the post office after work. I saw a deer cross Oakland Mills Rd in one direction. I slowed and honked and it went on its way. Got to the post office and realized I had no tape to seal my package so had to turn back. Lo and behold, deer crosses the same road in the same place going the other direction. Honk, slow, collision avoided. Fingers crossed it stays that way.

  2. Turf lover says:

    Just came home from a trip to Canada and this made me laugh! All of your posts are so funny and real. Thanks for making me laugh.

  3. Kev – I have 2 rolls of tape in my car from purchasing at the PO when I realize I’ve left the tape.

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