Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 234

The tea scene in Breaking Bad

There’s a scene in the latest season of Breaking Bad where a woman walks in to a diner and asks for Camomile tea, which, she is told by the waitress, is not available. ‘Earl Grey, then,’ she says despairingly. ‘With soy, not dairy.’ ‘We don’t have soy,’ replies the waitress. ‘I’ll just have an English Breakfast then,’ says the woman, sighing. ‘Liptons,’ says the waitress, ‘we just have Liptons. Liptons is pretty much all we have.’ ‘Just hot water, with lemon,’ the woman states, resignation setting in.



How I can relate to this little scene! Liptons flippin’ teabags, they’re everywhere! 😉

A little bit of cricket in HoCo

An international cricket match took place in Howard County this very weekend – Brits, Australians, Iranians, Americans – we got together to do a very British thing on American soil. The sandwiches were cheese, not cucumber, but whose complaining?! The weather was fine for a bit of leather on willow and many runs were made in chaffing pads, but cricket it surely was!

I might hit the ball like a hockey player, and the Americans might hit it like a baseball, but we all just about made it work. There’s a place for cricket in the American sports calendar, I’m sure of it.

In fact, I hear calls for a very proper cricket match in Columbia in the Spring…I think it might just happen!

Yes, I know that's not the right way to whack the ball

Yes, I know that’s not the right way to whack the ball



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3 Responses to Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 234

  1. When I travel I take my own tea bags. Funny enough, Lipton was a Scotsman and the company is now owned by Unilever, the same company that owns PG Tips.

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