Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 217

The One About The UK Boyfriend and the US Girlfriend and How They Decided to ‘Take A Break’

There was once a UK boy and US gal who fell in love, regardless of there being a massive Ocean that separated them, and that their was quite an age difference between them (he was a lot older than her, and didn’t she hear about that all a bit too often).

Anyway, they’d been together a long time, and, despite the fact that they had once had a massive falling out about what was hers and what was his and the US gal had told the UK boy to sling his hook (and then she had a bit of a dalliance with a French lad), they stayed friends and, as time progressed, their love affair rekindled, going from strength to strength.

But, as always, things outside of their control took over and the relationship began to turn sour over something that they could not agree on. The US gal sought solace in the arms of a few of her exes, including the French lad, much to the disappointment of the UK boy. All eyes were on the broken couple as the US gal and the UK boy decided to ‘take a break’.

People everywhere were talking about the US gal and the UK boy and wondering how this special relationship would pan out …… After this, could it ever be like it was before?

The End – or is it…..? 😉

There's still a lot of love going on!

There’s still a lot of love going on!

That’s my story! This, on the other hand, is The Guardian’s more politically astute article on the special USA/UK relationship in the current climate.

Halloween stuff….

Yep, it’s already there, hanging out in shop and store doorways – pumpkins galore. Only two months to go, that is all!!

Fall stuff....

Fall stuff….

From loo to potty….

Harry informed me yesterday that he had ‘to go potty’. Does this mean his American transformation is complete?

I was quite taken aback, and had to pop off to the ‘loo’ to mull this over……..



I was then reliably informed by a number of American, Canadian and British friends about other expressions for what we call this loo thing.

‘I have to make doo doo’ – another Americanism, apparently.

‘I gotta go pee’ – a Canadian thing, I am told.

‘We [Brits] say I’m just nipping off to the loo (middle class) or I have to pee (lower middle class) or I need the toilet (lest said the better!)’ my friend stated.

Alternatively ‘Oi Mom I need a slash!’ or ‘I’m going for a leak’ were the suggestions.

And there was have it – an abundance of expressions to choose from should you require them 🙂

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4 Responses to Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 217

  1. Sounds like the relationship between me and my EX except we’re not romantically linked again. Maybe this couple requires therapy? What am I saying? UK boy would scoff at that idea. 😉

  2. Pat and Pam says:

    Re loo or potty etc. A nicer expression in the US is “I have to use the rest room”. Much to my surprise, when I was working at an government establishment here in the UK, the Rest Room was a place with chairs and sofas and tea and coffee facilities. No loo at all. This was in a building used for classes, and the Rest Room was where everyone took their breaks.

  3. john says:

    I can’t see ever relying on France, it didn’t last long anyway. Trust in the UK most likely will always be more natural and stronger. France was coined with the description of ” Cheese eating surrender monkeys” buy some columnist a few years ago. Gave me a chuckle.
    Sorry, probably not what your delightful blog was designed for.

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