Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 212

A glimpse of USA schooling

The best things about walking to school in the USA is (hold on, we walk? – yes, WE WALK!!!)…anyway, the best thing, for me, is personality spotting in the groups of kids as they head to school.

You wouldn’t be able to do this in the UK, since most every kid wears a uniform to school and it’s pretty hard to determine what group they fall in to when they all look the same. It was so cool to see these kids today being able to express their personalities through their choice of clothes.

So, this morning I spotted (note: stereotyping stories about each group totally made up by me for entertainment purposes only 😉 ):

An Emo kid with dyed blue hair, black tights and a suitably sad expression carrying a violin case. Obviously a musical genius cloaked in a shroud of Emo teenage depression, desperate to leave the school orchestra and join an Emo band to make ‘real’ music.

The cheerleaders wearing very short shorts, long socks, super long, shiny hair in braids, and ever-so white teeth. They looked so jolly and happy, and hungry.

The jocks rolled up in their football shirts, their back packs full of mouth guards and shin guards and shoulder pads and they did a lot of back slapping, proving to each other that they were jam-packed full of testosterone and that they were more than able to play the field in both respects.

The geeks kicked a few stones and counted the cracks on the uneven pavements as they prepared themselves for another day of torment, the last session of Online Trains Gaming still fresh in their ever-so-clever clogs minds.

And thus, my account of school is complete. It was like wandering onto the set of Glee (except, sadly, no one was breaking out in to song and dance – I would so do that!). I wish I could spend a day at school chatting to these kids, asking them all about life as an American school kid.

Geeks, jocks, cheerleaders....

Geeks, jocks, cheerleaders….

Breakfast Club

Harry does breakfast club at school (out of choice, not because of detention – give him a break, he’s only been in school for one day!). Anyway, I was kind of hoping he’d make a Judd Nelson type friend that will be all dark and brooding and interesting that I can talk to, but then I remembered he’s only 5 and they probably don’t get much engaging than telling poo jokes at that age.

So cool :)

So cool 🙂

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3 Responses to Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 212

  1. Ray says:

    Just the start of things for Harry and you. I have 4 schools on my street. Interesting seeing the daily routine. Things will get more exiting as Harry settles in. I’ve worked with hundreds of kids, in sports, over the years.

  2. EmmaK says:

    Have you entered the heady world of playdates yet? here’s a refreshing take on it all

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