Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 199

Maryland’s not miserable!

We’re a happy bunch in Maryland, USA are we not? In fact, I miss many aspects of it whilst currently back in the UK – I do! There’s not too much to have a moan about is there? Or is everyone secretly down in the dumps and a bunch of Moody Margarets?

A group of researchers from the University of Vermont recently published a paper that ranks US states and cities by their happiness – that is by the happiness of their tweets, to be exact.

And researchers found that the tweeters of Maryland are amongst the ‘saddest’ five states, which also include Louisiana, Mississippi, Delaware and Georgia. This study of words used also correlated with more traditional wellbeing measures across the US. I can’t believe it!

In terms of cities, the chirpiest places by tweet were concentrated in California and Colorado.

But what is that makes Maryland tweeters sad? After all, we have the hottest governor…..

Martin makes me happy to be in Maryland ;)

Martin makes me happy to be in Maryland πŸ˜‰

But, also we have mad taxes in Maryland (ahem, I’m looking at you Mr Governor…….) so maybe that’s why everyone is so glum.

Anyhow, let’s leave this with a good ole Americana quote…”Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be.” – Abraham Lincoln

He said all sorts of clever stuff, he did :)

He said all sorts of clever stuff, he did πŸ™‚

The British Countryside

Ah, breathe in the freshly cut grass and smell of cow pats! We’re in Britain in the countryside!

It’s been a whistle-stop tour of the UK on this return, and the main thing that has struck me is how truly lovely the British bloom and countryside is. I actually wish to be stuck behind a combine harvester on a windy country road so that I can take pictures of it all (although, journeys seem to take FOREVER here for shorter distances – another reason why I prefer driving in the USA!)

Anyhow, enjoy some of these British countryside gems, including a National Trust place called The Vyne – beautiful.






An American friend, who has a genuine love of British history, amused me by telling me that she really thought Stonehenge was a bit boring. I know where she’s coming from – it is just an open field with a circle of rocks. My friend said she wanted to pull her eyelashes out with boredom, which made me chuckle πŸ˜‰ People still flock to it, however!

Do we love a druid stone or is it a bit dull?

Do we love a druid stone or is it a bit dull?

Zed or Zee?

Harry is now getting confused, having been back in the UK, about what he calls the last letter of the alphabet.

Zed or Zee?

As I reminded him, one isn’t right and one isn’t wrong – they’re just different. Just like us.

‘Cos we are, aren’t we? Similar, but different, that’s the UK and the USA:)

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10 Responses to Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 199

  1. meowclaire says:

    This post made me happy (even if some research says the peps of Maryland are not) as I was with Claire while some of what she blogs in the post came to light πŸ™‚ it makes me happy because i feel part of it espec the convo over breakfast on the Z. It also makes me happy as it reminds me of what a great 24hrs i had catching up with her.what i love about Claire and her blogs is how honest and geniune they are, what she writes of is real and actually is based on real life events, experiences, pieces of news and conversations- this is why we love Claire and her blogs. So Maryland you should be the most happy peps as you have our Claire!

  2. Te he, guess I should prepare myself for “incoming!” It’s not that I don’t “like” or “get” Stonehenge per se, I just think it’s a tad bit over-rated and there are so many more gloriously beautiful things to see in England which are far more interesting than a field with stones in it. Besides that there are more stone circles in the UK than just Stonehenge. I despair when an American tells me that they are going to the UK for the first time and Stonehenge is the thing they’re most excited about seeing. So many fab day-trips you can take from London including Bath, Stratford-upon-Avon, Windsor, Canterbury, Brighton, Cambridge, Oxford…and they choose Stonehenge.*sigh*

    I shall have to have a think about Maryland’s happiness quotient. It is an expensive state to live in and it is one of those states that people really don’t think about and ask “What’s in Maryland?” We’re sort of thought of as an extension of DC in a lot of ways and really aren’t that noteworthy for anything. I mean, ask someone who’s never been to MD what Maryland’s identity is and they can’t tell you. We would say Maryland is known for crabs πŸ˜‰ but ask most of the country who is known for crabs and they would most likely name a state in New England or another Mid-Atlantic state. So nationally we sort of have an identity crisis. But it could be the weather frankly. Our winters are cold and are summers are stifling hot so many people spend a lot of time indoors, which can cause depression. You can argue that Maine, Utah and Colorado have long winters but their summers are fabulous! So while you may be stuck indoors for a long time in the winter you’re able to enjoy the summer weather. Hawaii and Nevada has low humidity levels in the summer too. Outside of that I would have to guess it’s socio-economic. I wonder how poverty and high unemployment in Baltimore affects MD’s rankings.

    Love the Sesame Street vid with Zed-Zed Top! πŸ˜‰

  3. VictoriaK says:

    SmittenbyBritain, perhaps a trip to “Foamhenge” would inspire you? πŸ™‚ You could make it a long weekend, and enjoy the Natural Bridge and the beautiful scenery of Virginia’s Blue Ridge.

  4. Kate says:

    I agree with SmittenbyBritain, Stonehenge is over-rated, I have driven past the stones a zillion times in my lifetime and I like to shout out “they are only a bunch of old stones” to the people flocking to see them! My four year old still thinks they are great though!

  5. Kat says:

    The tweeting sample may be skewed; personally I’m having too good a time here in MD to waste time on Twitter. =D

    Good luck with the zed/zee conundrum!

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