Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 194

British or American countryside?

There is a little place off the 108 in Clarksville that I love. I love it because of its natural beauty and the fact that it sells fruit and veg and ‘pick your own flowers’ on the side of the road.

It’s Clarks’ Elioaks Farm.

And after I’d taken the pictures, I realised…it looks a little countryside / cottage garden British, wouldn’t you say?!









Apart from the corn…that looks just very American 🙂

Flying back to the UK

I’m going back today to the UK after a year in the States. How will it feel? Will I be able to drive on the left? (I’ve picked up so many bad habits, I expect to be beeped and glared at A LOT.) Will I eat a roast dinner and take the post to the post office and walk to the local shops?! Will everything feel very, very small? Will Harry have an American twang?!

I'll be mooching over this little bridge in Bradford on Avon, that's for sure!

I’ll be mooching over this little bridge in Bradford on Avon, that’s for sure!

I’ll be blogging every day about being back in the UK….so keep logging on to keep up with my adventures!

An Anglophile’s Love of the UK

This is Cindi’s story about why she adores all things British – especially fashion advice!


I am a married woman in my early 50’s raised in the shadow of the White House, daughter of an Air Force Flight Engineer and stay at home Mom. My father flew diplomatic transport and while we didn’t move about (as the typical Af family does) My father brought home goodies from very trip. What did he bring back from England? Wedgewood for my Mother and Black Magic Chocolates for us kids. So I have fond memories of my Father opening up the black box of chocolate upon his return.

black magig

My husband and I love to travel and we’ve done more international travel in the past five years. Admittedly, I’ve never been to England but we’ve been to Northern Ireland. When my friends or family members go to the UK I ask for Black Magic and some gossip mags. I love a bit of celeb goss, and there is nothing like Hello! and Okay. I’ve had great love for British TV since I was young and my Mom sat me in front of the TV to watch ‘The Six Wives of Henry Vlll’ on PBS. I’ve been watching Eastenders on PBS since its premiere here in 1989. I watch more British TV than American.


What fascinates me most about the UK? What do I love the most?

Royalty – the sense of continuity of the royal family. They are always there, in the background. One of them is always out and about dedicating this that or the other thing. And the fact they serve the UK and the Commonwealth countries their whole life astounds me. Growing up, my Father bought home a tea tin celebrating the Queen’s Coronation. As I was born 10 years after the coronation. I remember seeing that tea tin my whole life. In later years my Mother adapted it to a button box. Today it serves as my button box. So, I feel like the Queen has always been in the background, even if it’s just been on a tea tin.

The very same tea tin!

The very same tea tin!

One tradition I love about the UK is tea. You drink a cup of coffee you, you serve a pot of tea. When something is wrong you put the kettle on. A nice cup of tea solves all, and maybe you’ll have a biscuit too. Tea is social whether with friends or family. I love that tea is social. It’s sad the tea tradition is lacking in the States.

Serving the tea - proper job!

Serving the tea – proper job!

Another tradition I love is the pub. In the states we usually to go to bars to get drunk or pull. However, when we were in Northern Ireland I recall being in pubs and seeing families. You don’t see that in the States. Plus, I love that they serve pub grub. And I found pub grub pretty good. Better than American bar food I feel. Pubs can have people there out on the lash but it’s a whole different feeling than here. Plus, I love the idea of even having your pint outside, just standing outside drinking is great. And I think it’s ok, normal in fact to see a single woman in a pub and not think the worst. In the states it’s thought she’s just looking for a guy. Pub culture is just so different than here.

Pint of ale?

Pint of ale?

What differences exist between our cultures?

I think we’re more alike than we realize. I mean we all want happiness.

Which myths, stereotypes and preconceptions about the US and it’s citizens do you think really exist?

I’d say there is a myth that we all have southern drawls. There are many different accents. I have a mid-Atlantic accent which is heard in Maryland, Northern Virginia, DC and parts of Delaware. There are differences in Southern accents too. People from North Carolina sound different than people from Mississippi.

One stereotypes that exists is the white sneaker wearing American and its true. It was Trinny and Susannah from ‘What Not To War’ that showed me if I didn’t want to look like an American tourist then I shouldn’t wear white sneakers. I haven’t bought a pair since.

Fashion tips from Trinny and Susannah

Fashion tips from Trinny and Susannah

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8 Responses to Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 194

  1. andrea says:

    Bon voyage! We’ll miss you–thanks for persevering through Zumba today!

  2. salpal1 says:

    The sneaker comment made me LAUGH. When my Mom and I were visiting my sister in France many years ago, we did, in fact wear our white sneakers. As we were standing quietly in line for a museum in Paris, the couple ahead of us smiled and asked if we were German. No, we replied. “Ahh, Canadienne!” they replied. When we said we were from the USA, they were shocked. My sister said it was a great compliment, and that the reason they knew for sure we were tourists was the sneakers. But the fact that they thought we were German or Canadian meant we were behaving ourselves nicely. 🙂

  3. Joan says:

    Over thirty years ago I accompanied my husband for two weeks on a business trip to Copenhagen. He had to go to work every day so I was on my own exploring. One day I happened upon four young men obviously lost. I went up to them and asked in English if I could help. “How did you know we are Americans?” they asked. “Your white sneakers,” I answered.

    Whenever I go to Europe now, I make a point to wear European styled walking shoes. I also made my husband get a dark colored pair of “trainers” to wear.

  4. JOANNE WRIGHT says:

    oh I would love to see Harry and u 😀 I work Tuesday mornings til 1pm, all day Wednesday and Thursday. I know u will have a hundred more exciting and important things to do but if u could spare 5 minutes. …? love jo xx

  5. Jeff says:

    My favorite aspect of the Farm is the field where I frequently get to see sheep wandering….and if I’m really lucky, get to hear some bleating!
    Have fun back home!

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