Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 190

Rudey-nudey killjoys in the UK

Look, in Europe (yes, the UK is in Europe!) we’re not adverse to a bit of nudity. In fact, we like it – generally. So the council shirt and tie killjoys in Clacton are trying to prevent a good old bit of seaside nudity.

Ya-boo-sucks to them ;(


What's not to like about a nudey bike ride?!

What’s not to like about a nudey bike ride?!

Clacton-on-Sea in Essex has been the venue for a sponsored skinny-dip and a nude bike ride in the past few weeks, with many locals saying the fun events livened up the area. Of course it does! It’s a bit of fun whilst getting in a bit of amusing willy-watching!

The good old British seaside :)

The good old British seaside 🙂

On second thoughts, maybe it's not everyone's cup of tea....!

On second thoughts, maybe it’s not everyone’s cup of tea….!

Would this sort of thing happen in the USA? Definitely NOT IN MARYLAND!! 😉 What do you think….?!

The differences between the East Coast and the West Coast

I asked a friend, who has recently moved to Maryland, what she thought the differences are between the two coasts. It interests me. After, all they are thousands of miles apart, have different laws, climate and demographics.

Here’s her response:

My view of East Coast/West Coast Differences

I have lived in Southern California all of my life (62 years). And although I have only lived here in Maryland for a short time, I see many differences.

1. First, and probably most obvious, is the weather. It really is true that it’s sunny almost of year in Southern California and when we do get rain, it’s not for very long. It can get hot in the summer but very rarely breaks 100 and we typically don’t have any humidity. It does get cloudy at the coast at times, but when it burns off, it’s gorgeous. On the East Coast, I do enjoy the seasons but it does take some getting used to when it snows.


In California people say “That’s cool dude” but here, they say “It’s cold dude”! And in the winter you just need a surfboard, here you need a snow shovel! That’s the big weather difference for me. Oh, and the humidity is a tough one too. However, it’s definitely good for the skin! In California my closet is usually filled with shorts and short sleeve tops, but now my closet has lots of sweaters, jeans and boots!

But I do love seeing the seasons change. It’s beautiful and can’t be beat on the East Coast. The fall is gorgeous here and what’s better than a white Christmas?

A white Christmas

A white Christmas

2. The directions on the east coast feel really different to me, too. In California you have 4 landmarks to guide you; to the North are the mountains, to the South, San Diego, to the East is Palm Springs, and to the West is Los Angeles. When I’m here, I don’t know where I am without my four landmarks. That’s something I have to figure out. However, the public transportation is way better on the East Coast. It’s a lot easier to get work, to the city and attractions here by train or metro. The public transportation in California or lack, thereof, is hilarious. Now in San Diego, where I lived, it was a bit better. There are trolley stations that can take you to the ballpark or downtown and there is the Amtrak Coaster that can take you up and down the coast all the way to Santa Barbara. But as for getting from point A to point B, forget it. Californians love their cars so no one has come up with a good way to get people to work. So, freeways are crowded and packed and if you’re in LA, you would be crazy to get on a metrolink. It won’t take you very far!

Woa! The LA roads....

Woa! The LA roads….

3. I do love the history on the East Coast and all of the places you can go to relive it. There is so much to see in DC and you are just a train ride from NYC, Boston or Philly. To be able to get on a train and go to see a play on Broadway or a concert in the city is so great. You can hit all the memorable and historic ballparks in Baltimore and NYC where baseball history was made. There’s lots of things to see and do. In California, the history is still on the younger side, although the California missions are beautiful and definitely have a story to tell. I do miss being able to go to Disneyland whenever I wanted and the beaches were so close. But there is Disneyworld and lost of beautiful East Coast beaches to visit. I am looking forward to exploring all there is to see and do on this side of the country.

California beaches

California beaches

4. Although I think the food choices are pretty similar on East and West Coast, there are some differences I’ve found. In California, you do have lots of authentic Mexican food and lots of great burgers. I miss “In and Out” burgers, that’s for sure. But, in NYC, you can’t beat the Italian food and pizza and being Italian, that is way better than Mexican food and burgers for me! My husband loves seafood and that is for sure better here is Maryland and on the East Coast. So all in all, I think food choices are pretty similar given the locations.

5. The economy actually mirrors California, in my opinion. The house prices are very similar, especially in Howard County but you do get basements! We don’t have those in California and I think they are awesome! The property tax, however, is a lot higher here but the sales tax is lower so that helps. The gas is actually almost the same, too. It’s just as expensive here and a bit more in California right now because of the summer blend. I don’t know about car registration and car insurance yet but I will in a few weeks! All in all, I think Maryland and California economies are very similar.

Lovely Ellicott City

Lovely Ellicott City

6. The people seem the same to me on both coasts. At first, I thought California folks were more laid back and friendly. I think it was just so different for me and I was a bit homesick. But now that I’ve been here a little longer, I find East Coast people are friendly, kind and helpful. And I have met some beautiful people and made some good friends. I also think the school systems are far better here and Ellicott City, where I now live, seems like a great place to raise a family.

My conclusion is that the differences between the two coasts will make my move an exciting adventure and I’m looking forward to experiencing East Coast living which is at its finest in Howard County!

Rockin’ Rose

Rose is a USA blogger in the UK. She writes cool stuff, and weirdly (cos we know it really is a small world after all), she is friends with the lass who took over my PR job back in the UK. Love six degrees of separation and all that.

This is How Rose Sees It….

Cheers Rose!

Cheers Rose!

Hello!! My name is Rose Rocca and I am a true midwestern all-American gal from the small suburbs (kinda rural-ish) outside of Youngstown, Ohio. The city of Youngstown is famous for ties to the mafia and longest reigning title of highest murder rate per captia (population)! Ha! We reside currently near Leominster, home of the sheep, sheep and sheep. The village is famous for the warp speed of time it takes your nose to get slapped by smell of cow excrement. I’m not sure if that’s true, but I’m pretty impressed by its potency!

I met my British husband while he was working in the USA and we have been married for a little over 5 years. We have a son, Weston, who began his schooling in the UK and is now nearly 11 years old. Work has been a sincere drawback for me as the area we live in is not very prosperous and is mostly a rural economy. I applied to many restaurants, shops and administrative positions looking for anything and have a stack of rejection letters to prove it. I have my bachelors degree and worked in the financial advising/insurance industry for 8+ years prior to move. I am currently halfway through an intense Hot Power Yoga teacher training and plan on being self employed once completed.

What do you enjoy most about living in the UK?
I love that my son gets to go to a school that’s has campus grounds comparable to Hogwart’s. My American friends joke that Weston is practicing to be a wizard. Personally, I enjoy the fashion and an over-all realistic positivity in general that is much more apparent in comparison in the British culture.

A British school?

A British school?

What do you miss about the USA?
I miss wider roads, cheaper everything, restaurants galore, customer service oriented, & no queues! Convenience!

What differences do you still encounter?
The working environment is much more laid back. Fulltime = 37.5 hours/week in UK while 40+ hours is fulltime in USA. Also UK is very generous with maternity leave while USA gives 6 weeks or 8 weeks if you have a C-section.

Americans are loud. And proud. And full of egotistical patriotism. I think it’s great…in America. Please come to another country and be quiet. Enjoy and take in your surroundings with humility.

I also think its ok to NOT have to speak to EVERY person who crosses your path. I find my eternal smile is met sometimes with a frosty glare…but I keep smiling because I think in the back of my mind I just turned that frown upside a little upside down! 4. The best thing about being an American in the UK? Ha!!! No matter how many times or how many ways I try to explain I don’t live in London, my American friends/family just don’t get it! England = London They also think I am BFFs with Kate/Wills…

Are these guys not Rose's BFFs?!

Are these guys not Rose’s BFFs?!

Otherwise, I think it is great being a ‘foreigner’. I can use that excuse any and all the time. Like when I dressed up as a victim of a knife throw gone wrong and dropped Weston off at his ‘poshy’ private school for Halloween, equipped with gravestone cupcakes I might add! I was quickly stopped by the headmistress who chose her words carefully like, “Rose…I can appreciate your efforts…(long pause)…however we are a Christian faith school and some parents may have some qualms about your enthusiasm…”. Big OOPS!

What myths, stereotypes and preconceptions about the USA and the UK do you think actually exist or are just a load of nonsense?!

*We all aren’t cowboys/gals…and don’t talk with a southern accent.

*Although some Americans complain about the USA, I guarantee they wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

*We are dramatic in our speech – extremism, over usage of adjectives/verbs!

*Most families from Ohio think nothing of driving the 21 hours to Florida for a weeks worth of family vacation.

*It thunderstorms, snows past your thighs and temperatures soar well in the 90sF and the average American will not bat an eyelash at tornado warnings just ensure basement is stocked with drinks and candles and lots of warm blankets!

Not all American gals look like this.... ;)

Not all American gals look like this…. 😉


*In the movies it always shows England beautifully blanketed with fluffy white snow…when it snows in England it is actually gone by 10am but that is not before they have shut down schools, businesses and the shops!! Oh and all the snow shovels have been sold out in 5 minutes! Causing Mass Pandemonium!

*The weather is mostly grey and too cold for my liking.

*At least where I live or maybe company I keep (!) the British culture does tend to enjoy alcohol more than the average American.

*I feel a little safer knowing not every Joe Schmoe can have a gun in the UK.

I love the opportunities and experiences I have had and will have while I reside in England…I wouldn’t trade it for the world. It has made me really examine my life and appreciate everything more.

PPS. I have never seen so much dust in my life until I moved to England! Lol!

Dusty old England!

Dusty old England!

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  1. Pat and Pam says:

    Nudie bike ride — ouchies from the seats!

    Re Rose’s comments re drinking culture — I found the difference astonishing when I first arrived. I found young people who looked forward to the weekend so they could get truly BLOTTO. I always think, WHY? The afters of headaches, bad night’s sleep, and quite possibly leaving your dinner on the sidewalk (sorry, but true) just do not seem fun to me.

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