Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 156


Today Wimbldeon starts in the UK! How I love Wimbledon and its Britishness and over-priced strawberries and champagne and long queues and green-ness and stiff upper lip when we want someone to win/try not to get emotional if they don’t.

In the UK I would watch it or listen to it at any opportunity. It’s a marvellous, special thing. Since I am five hours behind the UK time I will now be able to watch the Men’s Final (let’s face it, it’s always more interesting than the women’s final) in the morning here and not miss a spot of afternoon sun……

OMG – will they ACTUALLY show it on USA TV? I bloody well hope so! After all, this is a refined UK sport with no whooping (okay, the odd Mexican wave and sing song if Cliff Richard is in the audience, and it’s raining, because they need to cheer everyone up and not show the Connors/ McEnroe match for the 18th time to fill TV time), there is no confetti and extreme signage (there is the occasional nice girl from Chelsea who dons a t-shirt with ‘Oh, I do like you a bit, Andy’ written on it in felt-tip) and people sit down a lot (you can’t move during play for fear of having finger wagged at you by the Tennis Police).

I bloomin’ hope they show it on USA TV. Or I will have to resort to the internet radio thingy. I’m in a bit of a panic now…no Wimbledon?!!! Noooooooo!

I've been here and it is beautifully British

I’ve been here and it is beautifully British

I really need to sit down in my British way with a nice cup of tea and a biscuit and listen to Andy Murray win the final in two weeks’ time…..

Parking directions excellence

Noted: at American events parking is easy, directions are excellent and we applaud it wholeheartedly.

Even prisoners get their own signage to ensue parking excellence

Even prisoners get their own signage to ensure parking excellence

Expat blog spot

Check out a little guest post by me and other bloggers discussing the good, the bad and the ugly about being an expat hosted by A Mum in London blog.

Miss these UK gals!

Miss these UK gals!

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6 Responses to Desperate English Housewife in Washington, chapter 156

  1. racheljjo says:

    Ah, am watching Wimbers here with a cuppa of Yorkshire tea and a bowl of strawberries 🙂

  2. racheljjo says:

    Or Wimbo as they were calling it on Radio 2 this morning….

  3. jacqueline moore says:

    I think (hope) you are only joking about Wimbledon being on TV here; it is and has been every year, as with Australian Open, French Open etc. It will start in the mornings with talking heads blathering for hours and every year the same feature topics; strawberries, history of Wimbledon, the clothing, on and on. You may end up regretting the amount of coverage.

  4. Pat and Pam says:

    Be honest, how many US commentators — and I am talking about professional SPORTS commentators — would you like to brain with a tennis racquet for calling it WimbleTON? I heard it this morning on Radio 4 — an American discussing the tournament, and EVERY time she said the word it had a T in it that has never been there. Before we left the USA we both used to yell at the tellie every time some professional sportscaster couldn’t manage to pronounce it properly.

    And, yes, I confess to being a pedant — not quite a card-carrying one, but pretty strict about some things.

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